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Simon Zvara

AppRaven Pro – AppRaven++ iPA by Lê Tí, thanks to LK Team for support.

AppRaven++ iPA unlock pro features of AppRaven: Apps Gone Free app.


AppRaven is an app price tracker with large community of over 50k users, containing thousands of interesting app collections and reviews. Discover the best apps, connect with people who share the same interests and recommend your favourite games to each other. Make a wish list and AppRaven will notify you so you won’t miss any nice app deals and price reductions ever again.

Download AppRaven and join the community today!

AppRaven’s unique features:

Discover New Apps

• Check daily updated charts to get an overview of the most popular apps around you.

• Browse collections of apps created by other users and create your own.

• Sort apps by the categories that interest you the most.

• Watch your favourite sellers and get notified whenever they have a new release.

• Be the first to see newly released apps and the latest updates.

Save Money

• Check daily which apps are on sale to save time and money.

• Add games to your wish list directly from within the App Store using the share extension and get notified whenever they are on sale or updated.

• Track apps to see the history of price changes and updates.

• Get many paid games for free every day.

Join the Community

• Find people who love the same apps as you and share them together.

• Connect with friends and give recommendations to each other.

• Rate and comment on apps and sellers – your opinions matter.

• Reply to other users and give them an advice.




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