Arcane Vale

Myles Panayiotis

It’s up to you to complete your fathers legacy and discover a long lost treasure as you are thrust into a world full of discovery!

Explore a huge open-world full of deadly creatures and hidden secrets. Complete quests to win favor with the local inhabitants, in return, they may just help you on your journey.

Level up your skills and equipment to become stronger as you face ever more powerful and deadly foes.

Key Features –

• A huge open-world to explore filled with unique characters and enemies to discover. As you explore you will encounter new and unique characters. Each with their story to tell, choose to help them in their struggles and they may reward you!

• Level up your skills to become stronger. Mastering skills will allow you to craft and wield stronger weapons and armor, brew powerful potions, and cook delicious food. All will help you on your journey.

• Fight your way through caves and crypts, defeating deadly bosses to unearth lost secrets and hidden treasure!

• Hundreds of items to discover and unlock




Last updated



Fixed fishing crash

Fixed strike hold weapon effects sometimes not activating correctly

Fixed joystick movement when placing objects

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