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Art Set Full – Art Set++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Art Set++ iPA unlock paid features of Art Set 4 app.


Art Set has been No.1 iPad app in over 30 countries around the world. Now completely re-written with some of the most advanced artistic digital painting and drawing tools ever created!

An ‘App of Day’, this giant new version has tools with incredible levels of realism and many professional features.

Exclusive artistically created brushes, from real world art mediums through to the purely digital for all styles of artwork. Watch fluid Watercolor flow and run as you paint. Express your strokes in 3D giving thick gloopy paint you can even etch back into.

It’s also a must for any Apple Pencil owner! Art Set brushes have many additional expressions that come into play, some deeply integrated, with new levels of sensitivity you may have never experienced before!

It’s now free to download for the first time ever!



– Oil Paint, Watercolors, Oil Pastel, Pencil, Biro Pen, Marker, Wax Crayon, Blenders and more!

– Fluid dynamic simulation for Watercolor

– 3D Paint

– Custom blending achieving rich deep color

– Art Set keeps track of where the canvas is wet, dry when needed

– Turn on Slow Draw for drawing to lag your stroke. Create smooth curves and lines; great for calligraphy!

– Blur Filter with localised quick masking

– Color Wheel

– User Editable Palette

– Metallic Colors

– Time-lapse Video Recording; share how you made your artwork stroke by stroke.

– PSD Export


– Fully customizable workspace; have just a single brush or tools on every side of your screen.

– Zoom, Pan and Rotate the canvas for fine detail

– Light low contrast or Dark high contrast mode

– Minimalist UI for less interference with your artwork


– Latest graphics technology written entirely in METAL 2

– Supports the iOS Files app to manage or or transfer documents

– iTunes File Sharing

– Auto save

– Split Screen Multitasking – use a reference image whilst you draw side by side

– Export to your photo album, email, AirDrop or social networks etc.

– In-depth User Guide in the app complete with video

– Import photos and images at screen resolution

PREMIUM PRO FEATURES – Single Upgrade Unlocks everything :


– Wide variety of extra hyper-real Paints, Pens, Pencils, Inks, Chalks, Pastels, Charcoal, Wet media, Stamps, Splatters, Form, Graphics, Patterns, Fabric, 3D Texture, Neon to basic Pixel and Flat Digital

– You can try out all premium brushes on a test area before upgrading!


– Flood fill

– Symmetry

– Pixel Art

– Shape primitives for Ellipse, Circle, Square, Rectangle and Line in any brush

– Echo shapes for special FX

– Erase mode – use any brush as an eraser

– Adjust brush Size, Opacity, Flow, Grain, Loading and Dynamics


– Layer Masks

– Transform, move, rotate and scale

– Flip

– Adjust Opacity

– Layer maintains resolution whilst transformed

– Blend Modes

– Alpha lock

– Cut, Copy and Paste, to and from other documents or other Apps

– Drag and drop layers from other apps

– Import from your photos


– Choose any resolution canvas size, the highest being dependent on your device capabilities

– Set DPI and canvas dimensions in millimeters, inches or Points and Pixels

– Great for pixel art or tens of millions of pixels – if device allows

– Papers and Canvases from old cardboard, raw canvas, graph, squared and isometric paper


– Display P3 WideColor on supported devices

– Auto Color Sample, allows you to easily turn photos into paintings

– Color picker

– Toolbar placable HSB and RGB sliders


– Localized adjustments, allow you to tweak all or just part of your image via quick masking

– Change Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Recolor, Invert, Contrast and Blur


– Auto backup, saves snapshots

– iOS Pasteboard or Drag and Drop to or from other apps

– Import photos and images and high resolution

Art Set is a wonderful creative addition to any iPad!




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