BHTwitter is a awesome tweak for Twitter. BHTwitter by BandarHL.

BHTwitter is a tweak that brings the most demanding features to the Twitter app to enhance the overall user experience when using the app.


What is BHTwitter?

BHTwitter is a mod for the Twitter app that adds a bunch of new features to the social media platform, such as the ability to save videos, images to your device and much more.

The BHTwitter tweak is integrated into the Twitter app which means that once you install it, it is as if you are using the original Twitter app except that you have access to extra features.


BHTwitter Features

  • Download Videos (even if account private).
  • Custom Tab Bar
  • Video zoom feature.
  • No history feature.
  • Hide topics tweet feature.
  • Disable video layer caption.
  • Padlock.
  • Font changer.
  • Enable the new UI of DM search.
  • Auto load photos in highest quality feature.
  • Undo tweet feature.
  • Theme (like Twitter Bule).
  • Twitter Circle feature.
  • Copying profile information feature.
  • Save tweet as an image.
  • Hide spaces bar.
  • Disable RTL.
  • Always open in Safari.
  • Translate bio.
  • Reader mode feature.
  • Disable new tweet style (A.K.A edge to edge tweet)
  • Enable voice tweet and voice message in DM.
  • Hide promoted tweet from the timeline.
  • Confirm alert when hit the tweet button.
  • Confirm alert when hit like button.
  • Confirm alert when hit follow button.
  • FLEX for debugging.



10.19 (T4.1)

Last updated



– Fix downloading video without sound using FFmpeg.

– Add app icon changer (works just for JB and Trollstore)

– Remove unnecessarily features.

– ffmpeg-kit

– Add stopHidingTabBar
– Add advancedSearch
– Add change Background of direct messages
– Fix removing trackingParams from url
– Fix show images as Full frame
– Remove unnecessary options

Fix crash with Twitter 9.47
Remove tweet source option
Add new feature to disable the new video player (Immersive Player)

New option to Remove tracking params from tweet URLs when it’s copy
New option to Add forcing tweets to use full-frame images
Move Font hooking to Runtime
Fix crash with Twitter 9.40
Thanks, @ExTBH

– Fix downloading videos from multiple media tweet
– Translate Custom tab bar ViewController
– Translate Theme ViewController
– Update FLEX

– Fix Downloading videos
– Fix Save tweet as image
– Fix Like confirmation
– Fix Hide spaces bar
– Add Edit tweet feature [BETA]

– Add Hide Who to follow section
– Add Hide Topics to follow section
– Add Localization to the Tweak (Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, zh-Hant)
– Fix random crashes
– Fix the location of Copy profile button when enabling Disable RTL option

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