70,000+ Unicodes in your pocket! Codepoint helps you find glyphs, icons and symbols. Search for Unicodes, characters, emojis or SF Symbols. Export them to different formats like Hex, Decimal, UTF, HTML or Swift code. Quickly convert them into 3D models for your next AR/VR project. Mark your favorites and access them on all your devices thanks to iCloud sync. Frequently used Unicodes are remembered automatically by Codepoint. Hand-picked glyphs are also accompanied by typographic hints that explain how to use them correctly.


• Discover, search and manage Unicodes

• Search: Lightning fast, surprisingly smart

• 3D converter and preview (with .usdz file export for AR/VR)

• Favorites synced via iCloud

• Widgets: Emoji, SF Symbol and “Codepoint of the Day”

• Typographic guidelines for selected glyphs

• Multi-codepoint support

• Works great on macOS, iOS and iPadOS




Last updated



Codepoint made a mayor leap forward.

Here’s what’s new:

• Widgets: Emoji, SF Symbol and “Codepoint of the Day”

• 3D converter and preview (with .usdz file export for AR/VR)

• Improved Search: Smarter, faster, better

• Multi-codepoint support

• 300+ brand new emojis added

• New UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 encodings

Anything in mind you’d love to see in a future update? I’d love to hear from you → [email protected]. If you like the app, please take a moment to rate it on the App Store. That would be beyond helpful.

Until next time!


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