A Jailed toolbox application for iOS 14.0-15.7.1 and 16.0-16.1.2 using CVE-2022-46689.

Enable Notifications and set Location Services to Always to keep the app running in the background, keep the dock and folder background hidden, and prevent some sound effects from reverting.

Warning: Some changes are permanent on iOS 14.0-14.8.1


  • Running in the background to keep some changes from reverting

    • From running tests, battery loss is negligible (~1% per day on frequent), but that may vary
  • Springboard

    • Hide dock
    • Hide home bar
    • Hide folder backgrounds
    • Disable folder background blur
    • Disable app switcher blur
    • Hide CC Module Backgrounds
    • Hide Notification Banner Background
  • App Icon Themes

    • Importing folders of app icons
    • No WebClips!
    • Disclaimer: Some apps may look highly compressed. This may be fixed in the future. You could use shortcuts and disable app banner for those apps instead.
  • Audio

    • Custom sound effects
    • Upload your own sounds (nearly every audio format allowed!)
    • Max upload audio size of 150 kb, but will not apply for audio if too big!
  • Passcode

    • Customize passcode keys
    • Import passcode keys files (.passthm) from TrollTools
  • Locks

    • Importing locks from TrollLock
    • Custom number of frames + custom animation speeds (see below)
  • Explore

    • Find and download themes for passcodes, locks, and app icons!
    • If you would like to submit your own works, please join the discord
  • Status Bar

    • Change carrier name
    • Change time text
    • Change breadcrumb text
    • Hide many icons in the status bar
  • Other Tools

    • Lock Screen Footnote
    • Notification Badges Changer (iOS 14-15 ONLY)
    • Springboard Colors
  • Misc

    • Disable shortcut banners
    • Turn shortcuts into app clips
    • Supervise Device Warning: Use the features below at your own risk!
    • Change system version (shows in settings, iOS 15+)
    • Enable iPhone X Gestures
    • Enable Dynamic Island (iOS 16+)
  • Extra Tools

    • Lock Screen Footnote
    • No Lock On Respring
    • Numeric Wi-Fi Strength




Last updated



Changing carrier bar strength now works when you do not have a sim card (or dual sim for secondary carrier)

Ability to show/hide second carrier (even if you do not have one)
Minor reorganization of status bar tweaks to be more readable
Fixed issues relating to JIT
Fixed respring type not displaying correctly

You can now choose to enable v8 and/or v10 theming
Padding for file path replacing operations
Added back keyboard buttons audio
More safety with icon theming: first attempts to revert corrupted files before aborting
Improved error messages
Fixed springboard tools view sizing on ipads
Fixed springboard tools on RTL languages
Updated backend repo for explore page

Cross compatibility between FileSwitcherPro and Cowabunga custom operations (importing .fsp files)
Safety implementations to importing custom operations:
Imported operations are now disabled by default
Added warning for if an imported operation edits /var
Fixed resetting icon cache stuck on scheduling

Added creating operations
Fixed crash when a custom operation corrupts – hopefully will figure out cause for corruption
Fixed bootloop with regard to resetting icon cache
Please update, this is an important fix. Not only does it stop a bootloop, but it should hopefully increase reliability of applying.

Added screentime remover
Fixed status bar issue regarding DND
Removed screen resolution changer due to many issues
Some other minor fixes

Fixed saved passcodes not being able to be imported
Fixed error with locks not being able to be downloaded

Fixed exploit on iOS 14.0-15.3.1
Moved Audio tab back to bottom
Fixed carrier changer crash
Fixed TrollStore entitlements
Extra settings show in phone for iOS 16 and photos for iOS 15

App is now rebranded to Cowabunga!
Beautiful new app icon
New UI
Option to disable app switcher blur
Option to disable shortcut banner
Option to modify system version (shows in settings app)
Cleaner and hopefully more stable code

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