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FaceSwapper VIP – FaceSwapper++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

FaceSwapper++ iPA unlock vip features of FaceSwapper – AI Swap Videos app.


FaceSwapper – the ultimate app for creating realistic face-swapping photos and videos!

As one of the leading deepfake face swap apps, this remarkable AI composite video app allows you to seamlessly integrate your own face into any photo or video. Simply select the desired photo or video, instantly merge your face into it, and share your creation on social media like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Download FaceSwapper now and experience the thrill of one-click face-swapping technology.

[Celebrity Lookalikes]

Want to create photos and videos starring yourself as the main characters of famous films? Utilize our cutting-edge face-swapping technology to replace your face with that of a celebrity, movie star, and more! Whether you want to transform yourself into an Avatar on an alien world or watch yourself embark on the Titanic, the possibilities are endless.

[Deepfake Technology]

Take your face-swapping skills to the next level with our remarkable deepfake technology. FaceSwapper empowers you to change as many as four different faces in videos, photos, and other digital content using advanced AI composite video technology. Prepare to be amazed!

[Shareable Clips]

Unleash your creativity and craft hilarious shorts and memes that are sure to get attention on social. With FaceSwapper’s extensive collection of trending material, you can transform yourself into the world-famous Mona Lisa, your favorite cartoon character, and more!

[Safe & Secure]

Rest assured, FaceSwapper does not transmit or store any facial data on our servers. All operations take place on your local device, ensuring a fast and secure user experience.




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1. Epic update for side face effect, strongly recommended to update.
2. Support system album, finding face is more convenient.

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