Filmmaker Pro Premium – Filmmaker Pro++

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Filmmaker Pro Premium – Filmmaker Pro++ iPA using dylib by Paisseon.

Filmmaker Pro++ iPA unlock premium features of Filmmaker Pro – Video Editor app.

How to unlock premium: press Buy then press Cancel.




– Create and manage unlimited projects

– Manage, share/export projects’ underlaying assets through the File Manager view

– 4K video support on iPhone SE and later, and iPad Pro

– Support for unlimited video clips, audio tracks, voiceovers, and text overlays

– Color coded timeline view makes it easy to distinguish assets and manage the timeline

– Assets can be easily repositioned using a long press gesture

– Ability to select the composition’s export frame rate

– Ability to choose the composition’s aspect ratio

– Ability to change the composition’s background color

– Composition fade in / out options

– Auto save ensures that edits are never lost




– 46 professional grade transition options

– Trim, split, or duplicate video clips

– Adjust video playback speed for a super slow motion or fast motion effect

– Volume control

– Reverse video tool

– 30 expertly crafted filters

– Video grading (brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, and white balance)

– Realtime filters and effects playback

– Picture-in-Picture Video

– Picture-in-Picture Photo

– Picture-in-Picture GIF

– Photo motion (Ken Burns)

– Ken Burns effect for videos

– Chroma Key (Green Screen)

– Voice-to-text captions

– Keyframe animation

– Motion tracking

– Audio ducking




– 120 royalty-free music tracks

– Sound Effects Collection

– Trim audio tracks with a fade in / out option

– Adjust auto track playback speed

– Volume control

– Audiometer assisted voiceovers




– 79 classic fonts

– Special Fonts Collection – 92 beautiful custom fonts

– Movie Fonts Collection – 15 fonts inspired by popular Hollywood blockbusters

– Script Fonts Collection – 16 beautiful script style fonts

– Retro Fonts Collection – 26 beautiful retro style fonts

– Graffiti Fonts Collection – 21 beautiful graffiti style fonts

– Premium Text Animations – 17 advanced text animation options

– 9 standard text animation options

– “Stroke Path” animation draws text on videos

– Pan, pinch and rotate gestures to reposition, resize, and rotate text

– The ability to curve text up to 360 ° / -360 °

– Adjustable text duration

– Text stroke option (white / black)

– Recent font category persistent across projects

– Foreground and background color adjustment

– Recent color category persistent across projects




– 220 gorgeous graphics and labels

– 80 custom animated stickers – in-app purchase

– 9 illustration animation options

– “Stroke Path” animation draws illustrations on videos

– Pan, pinch and rotate gestures to reposition, resize, and rotate text

– Adjustable duration

– Illustrations outline option

– Foreground and background color adjustment

– Recent color category persistent across projects



– Select brush color, size, and opacity

– Works great with Apple Pencil on iPad




– You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Filmmaker Pro.




Last updated



◉ iOS 17: More power AI Cutout tool which now segments any foreground subject, not just people.

◉ Bug fixes and performance improvements.

◉ New “Social Media” video caption template.

◉ Video caption font can now be changed.

◉ Bug fixes and improvements.

◉ Optimizes UI for the “More Space” display zoom option on iPad.

◉ Improved chroma key tool and it’s now nondestructive.

◉ Bug fixes and UI improvements.

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