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Glitch FX Pro – Glitch FX++ iPA sử dụng dylib của Paisseon.

Glitch FX++ unlock all pro features of Glitch FX: Glitch Video Editor app.

How to unlock: press Buy then press Cancel.



GlitchFX is a powerful one-click glitch video FX effect editor with cool special glitch FX!

You can take your video to the next level with our magic special glitch video FX editor!

We make it easy for you to turn your videos into modern digital masterpieces. Capture and make your own videos or select videos from photo album, with our wide range of video FX, you can make awesome and coolest short music videos to share with the world! Add music and dazzling video FX to your videos, and you can easily share the videos with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat or

Download GlitchFX- Glitch Video VHS Cam and get 50+ glitch video FX.



– Glitch, VHS, Light, Light Leaks, Rainbow and many more

– Stunning live video filters

– Aesthetic intro & outro visual effects

– Stylish camera live effects

Just one touch you can add coolest glitch video FX to any video!

Here are some of the uniquely crafted Glitch Video Fx that you can add to video:

*Glitch & VHS Video FX:

Turn your videos into masterpieces of digital art with our dozens of stunning glitch & VHS video FX!

*Mirror Video FX:

With mirror video FX, you can get a double-faced person!

*Flash Back Video FX:

With this cool video FX, the visual impact of your video would be massive!

*Zoom In Video FX:

You are able to zoom in for a closer look at what takes your interest by using zoom in video FX.

*Ghost Video FX:

Add the “Ghost” video FX to your videos to give your friends a start scare.

*X-Ray Video FX:

Add X-Ray video FX to your videos, you can “see” through anything in your videos!

*And so much more!



1. Record Video: we provide a glitch & VHS camera! Choose a glitch video fx, move your finger on the screen to tune the glitch fx, and then touch the recording button to recording a video. Just one touch, you can create your digital masterpieces.

2. Import Video : import video from your Photo Album to add music and video FX.

3. Trim & Cut Video: Preview your selected video, and select the start time and the end time of the video. Trim and cut any unwanted piece of the video.

4. Add Music to Video : Tap on “TAP TO ADD MUSIC”, and then select your favorite song from media library to add music to video .

5. Positioning Tracks : Long press your audio track to reposition where you want to add music to video.

6.Add Video FX to Video: there are dozens of stunning video FX for you, you can touch on the FX you like to add the video FX to the video.

7. Save and Share : Save edited video to your library and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, or send to your friends right now.




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Thanks for creating with GlitchFX! We regularly release updates to improve your experience.Update to the latest version of GlitchFX for access to our newest effects and features.

This updated version has:

– New Flow Effects for Camera and Videos

– Performance improvements

If you enjoy GlitchFX, please leave a nice review on the store. Thank you!

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