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iGuzheng™++ iPA using dylib by Paisseon.

iGuzheng™++ iPA unlock all pro features of iGuzheng™ app.

How to unlock: press Buy then press Cancel.


Guzheng is a Chinese plucked zither that has a history dated back to 500 B.C. It is rich in playing techniques. The performer plucks the strings with his right-hand fingernails, while his left-hand fingers apply pressure to the strings to execute vibratos, slides, other embellishments and occasional plucking techniques.


iGuzheng supports many playing techniques as an acoustic Guzheng:

– Playing techniques for Right Hand:

Pluck, Gliss, Tremolo(Shake/摇指) / Automatic Tremolo

– Playing techniques for Left Hand:

Pitch slide, Samll-Vibrato,Big-Vibrato, Tap Pitch (Dian Yin – 点音)

Main Features:

√ Follow-Play songs, help you to learn and play Guzheng songs easily.

√ Flexible Guzheng View, easy scrolling and zooming with drag / pinch gesture on the Pitch Slider Bar.

√ High quality stereo samples from Guzheng.

√ Full 21 strings.

√ Automatically play “Shake” technique (自动摇指) when touches moving on the string horizontally.

√ Smart snapping to the correct pitch grid when moving the pitch slider.

√ portamento / Vibrato.

√ “Dian Yin” Effect (点音/Tap Pitch), Tapping pitch slider after plucking string to make “Dian Yin” sound effect

√ Tuning as Stantard Guzheng tunings.




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