Infinity Paper Pro – Infinity Paper++


Infinity Paper Pro – Infinity Paper++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Infinity Paper++ iPA unlock pro features of Infinity Paper app.


With Infinity Paper, not only can you sketch, illustrate, and design on an endless canvas, but you also have the power to zoom infinitely on an endless paper. Dream big, as vast as the observable universe, or dive deep into intricate details, as minute as the cosmos’s tiniest star. Whether you’re drawing the Milky Way or the atom, Infinity Paper ensures there’s always space for your next big idea. The universe is your canvas—start exploring it today!

Document Editor Features:

-Endless Scroll & Zoom: Dive deep and explore without boundaries.

-Precision Vector Drawing: Create crisp, flawless designs regardless of zoom level.

-Eraser & Lasso Tools: Refine and perfect your artwork with precision.

-Dynamic Text Integration: Not just drawings – even your text is vector-based!

-Image Insertion: Seamlessly incorporate photos into your canvas.

-Drawing Checkpoints: Easily bookmark and revisit specific areas.

-Layered Creation: Manage multiple layers for complex designs.

-Undo/Redo: Effortlessly correct mistakes with handy undo and redo buttons.

-Smart Autosave: Never lose your progress with our intelligent autosave feature.

Filesystem Features:

-Document & Folder Management: Organize your creations with ease.

-Comprehensive File Options: Copy, delete, share, and export in a snap.

-Flexible Storage Solutions: Choose between iCloud and local storage options.




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