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Instories Pro – Instories++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Instories++ iPA unlock pro features of InStories Reels & Story Maker app.


Create professional-looking designs with Instories within just a few taps. This all-in-one application covers most content needs from providing inspiration and source materials to video editing. The best part – anyone can use it because it requires no designer skills.

Join our community of creators: bloggers, influencers, small businesses, SMM professionals. Design content that fits all major social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat & others. Instories offers hundreds of pre-made templates that are fully customizable.

Instories has an excellent suite of features and is genuinely multifunctional application with the intuitive interface:

Use over 500 ready-made designer templates for every occasion: holiday, business, online education, lifestyle, tiktok&reels editing, and more.
Create trendy collages, impressive slideshows, or use blank templates for freestyle designs. Make you content get your content to go viral.
Stylize your photos and videos with digital and social templates that add interface stickers, push notifications, and messages.
Personalize your content by changing colors, animations, fonts, replacing backgrounds and text effects. Everything is fully customizable.

Level up your content by creating stories that stand out; use paper cut templates for animated paper collage effects.
Swap backgrounds and turn your photos into bright and exciting content to share with your friends and followers
Create an unlimited stickers library from your own or stock images
For those who appreciate efficiency, the app offers premade remove bg templates with trendy designs and minimum adjustment required.

Choose from 200 different text animations, create dynamic designs, add search boxes, messages, pop-ups, sale stickers, and many other designs.
Mix and match 100+ different fonts to create your unique posters
Upload your font to already a various library for maximum personalizations of your content

An intuitive video and animated photo editor helps to create dynamic content that catches the attention of every follower
Unlimited music and sound library: iTunes preview tracks, Instories personal compilation, themed sounds, and even music extractor for you to extract sounds from any video.
Trendy video transitions for smooth, seamless video clips and content animation

Design exclusive creatives for your business and lifestyle social media.
Upload extra videos or photos to add them to the existing templates or create your own with blank templates.
Use “add logo” for packshots or business creatives, animate with dozens of available transitions
Use unlimited royalty-free photo&video stock library

Use a sticker library to upgrade your template designs.
Skyrocket your sales with our unique “Call to action” sticker pack
Place callouts for a professional visual representation of your product pricing
Create unique personalized sticker with remove bg tool.

We always keep an eye on trends and the developments in design and art. The result: always improving and growing the library of fonts, templates, music and animation collections. In fact, we update our catalog 3-4 times a month!

With InStories you will never run out of ideas. We offer flexibility, variety of choice, and simplicity of usage. Unleash your creativity, and don’t worry about trivial things. We’ve got you covered!




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