Kaori After Story Visual Novel


Following Kaori’s ending in ACE Academy, your now girlfriend has invited you to spend Christmas and New Years with her family. Your trip takes you to the countryside of Isokaze, where her parents and twin sisters are surprised to see that Kaori has brought a boy home! From meeting the parents, enjoying winter activities and spending intimate time with Kaori to learn more about her and her past, it will be a holiday to remember!


After Story

Continues your relationship storyline with Kaori from ACE Academy!

Complete Voice Over

Kaori After Story features a full English voice cast including all secondary and extra characters.

Fully Animated Sprites

Kaori After Story features Live2D® technology to bring characters to life! Experience unrivaled immersion with facial expressions and body language all animated seamlessly.

One Price

Absolutely no in-app purchase of any kind (micro-transactions, paywalls, time-gating, energy limits, choice restrictions, episodic purchasing, subscriptions…etc). Upfront and honest pricing for the full game and all its content!

Happy Holidays!




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