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Manlook Pro – Manlook++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Manlook++ iPA unlock all Pro features of Manlook – Man Face Body Editor app.


Manlook is a powerful video and photo editor specially made for men. Body reshaping and face retouch, all in one editor. Achieving a perfect face and body shape has never been easier.


What can Manlook do!

– Retouch Video and Photo

Manlook is a fantastic video body & face editor. It makes video retouch as easy as retouching a photo. Get the perfect body shape in your selfie video with one tap.


– Auto-Reshape Body

Get perfect body shape with one tap. With preset overall body models, Manlook can save you from tedious editing work. All you need to do is choose the body shape you want, and use the slide bar to adjust the transformation.


– Retouch Face

Retouch videos with this face retouch editor. Manlook enables you to smooth skin, remove blemishes and acne, remove wrinkles, improve oily skin, and so forth.


– Boost Muscle

Boost muscles with one tap. If you want to have larger biceps and pecs, you definitely should try this feature.


– Reshape Face

Customize your facial features the way you like by using in-app functions. Thin or thicken eyebrows, and lips, and change the size of the eyes, and noses, only to name a few. With Manlook’s easy-to-use face tune tools, you can get the look and feel you want.


– Get leaner

Look leaner and muscular with only one tap. With Manlook’ s cutting-edge body segmentation tech, you can get leaner in one tap. In addition, using the manual editing tool, you can make any part of your body thinner as you want.


– Become Taller

Elongate your body and become taller.


– Touch Up Face

Enhance your entire facial features at once. Refresh your face and light up the facial features intelligently to keep the attention on you.


– Get Rid of Belly Fat

Reduce belly fat in one tap.


– Perfect Legs Shape

Reshape your legs and thin your thigh with artificial intelligence.


– Change Skin Tone

Change your skin color and get a natural tan easily. All kinds of skin tone options, from dark to light, and all shades in between, are of your choice. Find and get your perfect skin tone.


– Aesthetic Filters for Man

The aesthetic filters are specially made for men. Get the right vibe for your video or picture with the right filters.


– Adjust Video with Ease

Adjust your videos with ease. Create custom filters by adjusting brightness, contrast, etc.


– HD Quality Import & Export

Support HD quality import and export.


– The list goes on…


If you have any suggestions or feedback, please email us at [email protected]. We will contact you as soon as possible.



– With Manlook Pro subscription, you have access to all features and paid editing options and materials. Advertisements will be removed automatically.




Last updated



Video and photo, body and face, all in one editor! Manlook is an easy-to-use abs editor & body tuner app. With this update, we have:

-Added brand-new AI muscle enhancer feature. Use AI to generate six-pack abs with one click. Let’s enjoy the magic of AI!

-Improved user experience. This app has become faster and stronger;

-Improved the results of stickers and added more stickers;

-Fixed bugs and improved performance.

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