ORG 24 VIP – ORG 24++

Koosha Torkzade

ORG 24 VIP – ORG 24++ iPA using dylib by Paisseon.

ORG 24++ iPA unlock all vip features of ORG 24: Your Music app.

How to unlock: press Buy then press Cancel.


Listen and Believe



• Thousands of musical instruments, Multi-sample and Recorded from real instruments, such as Piano, Violin, Flute, Saxophone, Guitar, Sitar, …

• Thousands of rhythms, Including Intros, Variations, Fills, Break, Endings, and Pads, with Real chords (Press 3 or more keys) such as Pop, Jazz, Rock, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, …

• DNC Instruments with After-touch

• A lot of drum kits, such as General, Arabic, Persian, …

• 3 Low-latency methods (in settings)

• Connect to MIDI Devices over USB and Bluetooth

• Use the phone as a microphone with audio filters

• Programmable Sound/Loop Buttons for playing Audio files

• Strong Windows tools for creating, Edit, and Import Instruments, Styles, … (download from

• Joystick, Ribbon, Effects, and Filters

• Record, Re-record, Sing a Song, Save, Playback, …

• High-quality Stereo output

• Simulate KORG keyboards with Fade, Synchro, Keyboard Set, Tempo, Transpose, Octave, Balance, Tune, Split, Chord Memory, Tap Tempo/Reset …

• Multi-touch with 10 fingers

• Change the volume of each Instrument or Style Separately

• Pedal, Metronome, and Touch Response

• Quarter tones (Arabic, Persian, Kurdish …)

• 1 and 2 rows keyboard

• Create high-quality MP3 and share on Social Networks ( WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line, … )

• and more …




Last updated



• You can now load heavy files (On iOS 15+, See “About” for available memory)

• Load script for each DNC by holding the Aftertouch button

• Some scripts to add capabilities in the instruments

• Settings page for some scripts to change parameters

• Save the selected Portamento method for each instrument in the set

• Improvements in the import of SF2 files

• Improvements in playing chords

• Improved Aftertouch for midi controllers

• Improved default set + Flute and Flanger instruments

• New skins

• Increasing the maximum duration of samples and sounds/loops up to 5 minutes

• An option for the automatic Tempo Lock method

• An Option for turning off Pads with Synchro

• Improvements and bug fixes

• You can now select the old Mono/Legato (Portamento) method in the settings

• Improvements and bug fixes

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