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Pascal’s Wager is an action role playing game with the style of dark fantasy. The game provides its players with top-notch picture quality and a feast for the senses that the mobile platform has never had before. In the game, the world is shrouded by dark mist, where light is dim and mysterious. People there become lunatic, and nobody knows the secrets behind that.


Players can play multiple characters to experience the strong storyline and reveal various hidden areas of the map. Along the way, they will fight unbelievable enemies, confront epic bosses, and embrace overwhelming death and truth. All the while, they’ll be engrossed by a magnificent soundtrack performed by a world-class orchestra.



■ Features

– An incredibly Rich and Deep story, 20 or more hours of content

– Four operable characters, with different combat modes and skill trees

– Dozens of different enemies, bringing extensive experience of hectic battles

– Diversified NPCs, responding to independent subplots

– Three-dimensional map with multiple layers

– Cinematic performance and storytelling, fully voiced dialog

– Powerfully attractive soundtracks, performed by a world-famous symphony orchestra

– Full controller support to ensure the best possible gameplay experience

– Substantial post-launch DLC adding to the story and characters



■ Story

In ancient times, a natural disaster brought the Sun from high in the Sky to the depths of the Ocean, allowing a mysterious dark fog to blanket the World.

Simultaneously, Colossi, beings that were revered by descendants, roamed the lands for the very first time.

These Colossi, which emit the sparks of light that disperse the black fog, bring the only hope to mankind.

Thousands of years later, humanity has long grown accustomed to following in the footsteps of these revered beings as they travel through the black fog.

However, just as how the Sun was mysteriously brought down from the Sky, these Colossi have also began to fall mysteriously…

Terrence, a courier whom was expelled by the Church, has learned that his long estranged wife Teresa, may have some connection to the recent fall of the Colossi.

Setting forth on a journey filled with anguish, deception and possible redemption, Terrence seeks to find his wife and the truth behind their World.




Last updated



Pascal’s Wager Update 1.11.0


Implemented brand new haptics based on RichTap® Haptics technology. Devices that support RichTap® Haptics will deliver more immersive experience with highly precise tactile feedback.


Fixed an issue causing Guderian the Guardian to recover health in Dance of the Throne.

Pascal’s Wager Update 1.10.8


– New challenges await couriers who have cleared Dance of the Throne at least once: Terror Obsession, Guderian the Guardian, Treasure Thieves and The First Fallen: Handel.

– Access these new challenges in chapter selection.

– Challenging Terror Obsession requires ownership of add-on content Deep into the Dark Mist, while Guderian the Guardian, Treasure Thieves and The First Fallen: Handel require ownership of expansion The Tides of Oblivion.

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