Photo AI Eraser-Object Removal

洪涛 汤

Photo AI eraser is an image processing tool app running on IOS platform. It can intelligently, accurately and efficiently delete all the obstacles in the picture! Go out to travel to take photos, carelessly take trash cans, power poles, passers-by into the photos, so that the tourism photos are flawed, not perfect! Never mind, photo AI eraser can easily help you solve these problems!

Photo AI eraser is a magical, professional, easy-to-use photo watermark and object removal tool. It uses high-quality image processing algorithms and simple functional design, so it is simple and easy to use, has powerful functions to remove objects in pictures, can complete the repair work of pictures with high quality and support social sharing.

It can be removed from photos.

*Telephone lines, poles

*Garbage can, roadside mailbox

*A man, dog, cat

*The dimples and freckles on the face

*Watermark on photos

*Everything that destroys the effect of photos!

Easy to use

*Just mark the object to be removed with a brush, and then click the ‘GO’ button. The object is removed immediately!

*Just slide your finger along the line on the screen. When your finger leaves the screen, the line will be deleted immediately!

*You can share the repaired photos at any time.


*No subscription, no advertising, no internal purchase!

*Do not need any personal information to protect personal privacy!

*Easy to use professional photo editing function!




Last updated



–Modify the bug that may appear when opening large resolution photos.

–Fixed a bug that caused the delete function to be invalid if the user’s finger was not initially clicked on the photo when deleting a line segment.

–Improve the jittery magnifying glass when the user is marking objects at the edges of a photo.

–Optimize the user experience, download the experience quickly!

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