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√ Save your house plans so you can resume at a later date, export as an image or PDF.

If you can imagine it, you can create your dream home design with Planit2d floor plan creator.

House design has always been a complex task reserved for an architect or other professionals.


Planit2d will change the way you think about home design. It is the fastest, most user friendly, 2D floorplan and house blueprint maker available on the App Store aimed at anyone and everyone with an idea in their mind, or a sketch on grid paper.

Travelling to work on the train and have an idea for a room or house design? At home and away from your desk? No problem. Pull out your phone and capture the idea right there and then using Planit2d as a simple floor plan creator.

Ideally suited to developing single, double or multiple level conceptual floor plan design to achieve accurately sized spaces, using scaled fittings and furniture. Share your house design with family and friends, or pass on to your builder or architect for further development or pricing of your house blueprint.


Use your iPad or iPhone as a professional floorplanner wherever you may be.

√ “Drag and Drop” physics with graph paper makes Planit2d an extremely user friendly floor planner

√ Save your house plans so you can resume at a later date

√ Multi-level home design capabilities

√ Import your own sketch

√ Create your block of land before you create a house

√ Pre-defined rooms, fittings and furniture with graph paper grid

√ Plan your room blueprint using industry standard sized furniture

√ Modify any room floor plan with ease

√ Entire floors can be duplicated, mirrored and moved with the drag of a finger

√ Save your completed home design to your device photo album

√ Export your house plans as an image or PDF and add a grid, sketch, graph paper, dimensions and a scale bar

√ The ability to split and/or hide sections of walls – no architect required!

√ Dynamic room stretching with realtime dimension read-out on your house plan

√ Don’t like the name of a pre-defined room? Simply change it to your desired description

√ Move or hide room labels in those smaller spaces

√ Customizable settings, units of measure and colours

√ Add text or notes to your house design

√ A number of “freedraw” items are available for adding detail to your home design. Limited only by your imagination

√ Duplicate an entire project blueprint

√ Share your house plans on Facebook or via text or email directly from your device

√ Create a house design blueprint ready for construction from your sketch, no chief architect required

√ Print via Airprint directly from your device (must have an Airprint enabled printer)

√ Tutorials can be found at or by searching on YouTube

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