Pocket City 2

Codebrew Games Inc.

Build and explore your own city in this 3D sequel to the original Pocket City! Create using roads, zones, landmarks, and special buildings. Drop your avatar into the world and roam freely. Buy your own house, host events, survive disasters, and live the life of a successful mayor!

No microtransactions or long wait times, everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay!



– Build a unique city by creating zones and new special buildings

– Explore your city by controlling your avatar directly

– Enjoy a dynamic environment with seasons and a day night cycle

– Play minigames like street racing, plane flying, and much more

– Trigger fun events like block parties, or disasters like tornadoes

– Complete quests to earn XP and money

– Customize your avatar with clothing and tools

– Become a homeowner and furnish your own house

– Visit buildings in your city to buy items and find loot

– Invest and build long-term mega projects

– Encounter and help NPCs around your city

– Spend research points to gain valuable perks

– Invite a friend to collaborate on your city in real-time

– Unlock special rewards by competing against rival towns

– Unleash your creative side in Sandbox Mode

– Play in both landscape and portrait mode


IPA file by user_hidden-ICPDA.




Last updated



New mega project – Mega Mall

Minor changes:

Add ability to find empty zones in search

Respawn fish 5 days after depletion

Mega project balance adjustments on hard/expert

Add research option to give employment to Resource buildings

Minor bug fixes

Additional languages: Français, Deutsch, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Português Brasileiro, Pусский, 简体中文, Español, Українська, Türkçe, Čeština

Improve stability during City Competition

Bug fixes

New competition cities – from winners of the first official city design competition!

Allow player to explore competition city after competing

“Screenshot” mode in views options

Fix bug where streetlight disappears after building subway underneath

Fix bug where helping injured citizen might freeze game

Coming next: Additional translations will be added in the future with various languages in an upcoming update, thank you for your patience!

This update introduces hover cars and the Hover Car Factory! Plus new clothing items for your avatar to unlock. Try out the new Undercover Police minigame to catch robbers. Also includes:

– Warning meter for sewage overflow

– Inverse camera control option

– Various bug fixes

Fix bug where some icons are not loaded

Ensure Medieval Castle castle is unlocked in Forest regional biom

Other minor fixes

Fix bug where some textures did not load

Fix bug where specific commercial building could not be visited

Expert mode adjustments

Add a few new hats

Fix bug where new city cannot be started after displaying the region preview

Fix bug where special regional building might spawn on top of Town Hall

Fix bug where mountains were not spawning on terrain for different bioms

Fix bug where citizens catch on fire for too long

Fix UI bug where some devices cover top of display

Fix bug where rails weren’t showing in competition cities

Show subway impact in traffic statistics

Additional tooltips

Balance adjustments for demolition and basketball minigames

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