WebSSH Pro – WebSSH++


WebSSH Pro – WebSSH++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

WebSSH++ iPA unlock pro features of WebSSH – SysAdmin Tools app.


WebSSH is an awesome SSH, SFTP and Port Forwarding client ٩(^‿^)۶

Whether you are in the office, on your sofa, on holiday at the beach or even in the mountains : WebSSH will be useful to you everywhere, all the time and all your devices will be synchronized!

◖ SSH Functionalities ◗

๏ Port Forwarding (Local)

๏ Launch a command at connection startup

๏ Authentication using : password, challenge (two factor authentication), RSA / DSA / ED25519 / PuTTY Private Key, Port Knocking

๏ Emulation : XTERM-COLOR256 / XTERM / VT100

๏ Profil management : background / foreground colors, font size, backspace sequence

◖ SFTP Functionalities ◗

๏ Create / Rename / Delete files and directories

๏ Edit text files

๏ Upload files from your device to your server

๏ Download files from your server to your device

◖ mashREPL ◗

๏ Use a local terminal without any Internet connection!

๏ Run commands such as : awk, bc, cat, cd, cp, curl, date, dig, du, echo, env, find, grep, head, help, host, ifconfig, ls, mkdir, mv, nslookup, open, openurl, ping, printenv, pwd, rm, sed, setenv, sort, stat, tail, tar, touch, uname, unsetenv, uptime, wc, whoami, whois

◖ Supported protocols ◗



◖ Supported channel types ◗

๏ Session Shell

๏ Session SFTP

๏ Local Port Forward




Last updated



٩(^‿^)۶ WebSSH has been updated

Its codename is : 22.4 – Butterfly (Swallowtails)

So what’s new in this release? ↓

◖ Release Adds ◗

๏ Ability to hide user and hostname on the connection list : #892

๏ Ability to set terminal settings globally rather than per machine : #919

๏ Snippets code text always dark blue even in dark mode : #925

๏ White background does not contrast well with text selection : #931

๏ Ability to ping from hosts list : #926

Have a nice day!

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