Bright Memory Mobile

Xiancheng Zeng

Action FPS – developed by an indie game developer FYQD


(The game only has 1 hour to play, please do not buy if you cannot accept)


– Minimum configuration: iPhone8 above


First-person action shooting game,the players can control different styles of special abilities and create a set of gorgeous combos with combination of skills. It tells a adventure story of Shelia of Natural Science Research Organization (SRO).


2020, SRO discovered a material in an ancient sword which could recall dead creatures during an investigation of cultural relics crime. The third-party military organizations (SAI) infiltrated into SRO’s research institute and tried to grab the material.They changed the coordinates of the transmitter to the edge of Arctic where they found a land of sky that a large number of ancient creatures exist. SRO must stop SAI ‘s conspiracy and find out the truth.




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