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Captions Max – Captions++ iPA by Lê Tí, thanks to LK Team for support.

Captions++ iPA unlock Max features of Captions: For Talking Videos app.

Note: after logging in, you will be stuck at the subscription screen, you need to close the Captions++ multitasking then open it again.


Introducing the all-in-one AI powered camera and editor for creators everywhere – the Captions app. This app makes the whole process of making videos easier using AI, from scripting and recording, to editing and sharing. The app allows users to add eye-catching dynamic word-by-word captions (video subtitles) using whisper speech-to-text by openAI – the world’s most powerful speech-to-text engine. This makes your videos more engaging and easier to follow.

The editor is specifically designed for talking videos and makes it easy to edit the video by simply editing the words, removing filler words, and creating jump cuts with just one click. You can also add images and gifs that pop up as you talk. The captions are fully customizable with dozens of preset styles. The app also has a feature that uses AI to generate your video scripts using large language models like GPT-3 in seconds. And the dynamic island teleprompter feature makes recording videos very easy.

So if you’re looking for an easy and fun way to create engaging and descript video that shine like a jasper ai ai captain! Look no further than the Captions app, our AI powered editor will get you out of the veed! Try it today and see the difference it can make. Download now!




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