SoundLab Audio Editor Pro – SoundLab++

Liu Bei

SoundLab Audio Editor Pro – SoundLab++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

SoundLab++ iPA unlock pro features of SoundLab Audio Editor app.


Versatile audio production and editing studio, now support 16 tracks!

SoundLab bring desktop level audio editing to mobile, as a music studio in your pocket with following features:

• Audio Editor: Add multitracks to editor, adjust clip position and apply audio fx.

• Vocal Remover: Remove vocals from audio track and create accompaniment version for Karaoke.

• Audio Enhancer: Create different version of audio file with audio effects and changing lower pitch / tempo.

• Music Editor: Trim clip from music file, auto tune gain, pitch and pan to change the tone and export it.

• Music Recorder: Record music or speech, remove silent or useless parts and mix it with other sound clips.

• Noise Reducer: Record voice memo and denoise it using AI denoise filter.

• Video Sound Editor: Remove vocals from audio track of video file and save accompaniment part, then mix with your own voice recording.

SoundLab is perfect for:

• Lovers of music production and audio editing

• Podcast Maker, Talk Show producer
 and ASMR anchor

• Youtube and TikTok video secondary creation

• Musicians and Professional Music Producers

• Music students and teachers

• Especially for users who are familiar with Audacity or Audition

Feature Highlights:

• AI powered vocal remover & vocal extractor: extract instruments and vocals from any audio/video file.

All vocal remove / vocal isolation process finish on your device, guarantee the security of your audio data privacy.

• Multitrack audio editing and mixing, professional jitter quantization and anti-interference filters ensure the sound quality of the audio mixer output and the smoothness of the cut sound boundary.

• Non-linear editing with copy, cut, paste, remove, replace, move etc. with full undo/redo

• High precision editing, supports sound editing within millisecond level range, help you edit tiny details in audio

• Range effects: process selected audio range offline and modify it at once, with full undo/redo,

including filters: bass booster, pitch shift, tempo changer(time-stretching), compressor, noise reduction, echo,

fade in/out, phaser, repeat(copy range), reverse, vocal remove(center channel extraction) etc.

• Global effects: apply to mixing output real-time, including filters: chorus, reverb and tempo changer(keep pitch).

• High performance Waveform supporting step-less scaling.

• Support export AAC / ALAC / MP3 / FLAC / WAV format file.

• Video Dubbing: remix audio file with video file and generate new video file

• Audio recorder supports background recording, customize recording bitrate, sample rate and format(AAC / ALAC / WAV).

• Built-in audio extractor: Extract audio track automatically when import from video file




Last updated



– Implement configurable timeline markers: timecode or seconds

– Optimize timeline marker spacing

– Hide playhead line when playing at large waveform zoom rate to avoid meaningless screen flickering

– Add Split New command: select range and split to new track

– Add Duplicate command: select range and copy to new track

– Add timestamp OSD: display selection time range and playhead position

– Add VU meter

– Optimize toolbar layout, move undo / redo command button to bottom

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