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Hydra Pro – Hydra++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Hydra++ iPA unlock all pro features of Hydra 2 › AI Camera (RAW/HDR) app.


Hydra is a camera app for iPhone & iPad with innovative capture technology that lets you take gorgeous and unique pictures even in challenging lighting conditions. Making use of the latest advances in artificial intelligence & image processing, Hydra’s independent computational core offers to overcome the physical limits of small sensors, with features such as over 20-stop extreme HDR, detail-enhancing denoising, macro shooting, crisp 6/8x zooming, and a whopping 110-megapixel resolution.


But there’s more. Hydra now features a new highly capable manual mode for photo enthusiasts, an improved faster shooting for reduced artifacts, and the addition of a new normal capture mode for everyday photos. It also comes with a number of presets to define your own style as well as a completely new high-fidelity photo editor.


Last but not least, Hydra’s constantly evolving photo capabilities are your best asset to continue enjoying picture quality improvements after device purchase and to obtain state-of-the-art camera innovations all through its lifetime.



“The Hydra app […] is one of the more interesting iOS camera apps we have seen in the recent past.”

— Lars Rehm (DPReview)

“Hydra is for people who enjoy iPhone photography at a higher and more rewarding level.”

— David Robinson (iPhonographer)

“The user interface is particularly well made […] If Apple were to purchase this app, they wouldn’t have to change anything in its design.”

— Florian Innocente (Mac Génération)

“Hydra […] is a well thought out and terrific performing photo app with solid features that will improve your images in challenging lighting conditions.”

— Mel Martin (Engadget)



• Refined, designed-with-care camera experience for iPhone & iPad.

• Computational photography with artificial intelligence (AI). Neural processing & fusion of RAW sensor data.

• Unique capabilities that’ll make your DSLR blush: extreme HDR (> 20-stop range) to accommodate lighting conditions, superior detail-enhancement and denoising for low-light & macro, up-to-6/8x zooming, and a whopping 110-megapixel resolution. New normal camera mode.

• Versatile viewfinder: approachable ergonomics, tactile input & sensory feedback (1-stop vibrations). Exposure tuning with “zebra” previewing.

• Manual mode for precise camera control: focus, ISO, shutter speed, white balance. New advanced priority modes.

• Rich capture options: Apple Watch remote, timer, flash & selfie, geotagging, grid overlay…

• Photo style presets (tonal intent, color rendition…).

• Powerful photo editor for 32-bit non-degrading edits, including tone mapping, detail boosting, precise colorimetry, and Apple ProRAW editing.

• Side-by-side pixel-level comparison with unprocessed RAW input.

• Exhaustive output options with varied file formats, including pro options for later reprocessing (JPEG, HEIC, TIFF, TIFF-32, OpenEXR, Radiance, DNG, Apple ProRAW, and next-gen JPEG XL) & color spaces (sRGB, Display P3, ROMM ProPhoto).

• Saving to Files (iCloud & 3rd-party apps) including shared folders for professional use cases.

• Integrated photo gallery.

• Lock screen and home screen widgets.

• Optimized for latest iOS, Metal, CoreML, and Apple Neural Engine (ANE) for high-speed machine learning computations on Apple Silicon.

• Privacy first: full on-device processing, privacy filter for social sharing.




Last updated




• Support for the quad-pixel sensor of iPhone 14 Pro in Normal mode: Hydra currently exposes the 48MP sensor when shooting in Normal mode. Both ProRAW (for editing) and JPEG/HEIC (high speed) can be used.

• Hydra’s photo editor gets updated to let you edit at the full 48MP resolution & save the result.

• An intermediary format of 27MP is offered in Hydra (Photo reduction option) when shooting with the quad-pixel sensor to enable a greater photo resolution at a more reasonable file size.

• Hydra AI modes can’t currently offer support for the new sensor (48MP) as full-resolution RAW format is not offered to 3rd-party developers. Stay tuned on this subject as we definitely hope to do more when that becomes possible.

• Fixed a UI-related glitch on iOS 16

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