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Introducing Picroll – the ultimate app for effortless long screenshot stitching and editing!

Are you tired of struggling to piece together multiple screenshots to get the perfect long screenshot? Look no further than Picroll! Our advanced auto-stitcher feature enables you to seamlessly stitch together multiple screenshots with ease. With our tailor-made layouts, picture splitter, mosaic tool, phone frame overlay, and intelligent screen clearing feature, you’ll have everything you need to create stunning long screenshots in seconds.

Here are some of the key features that make Picroll stand out:

– Auto-Stitcher

Our advanced auto-stitcher feature automatically detects and stitches together multiple screenshots for a seamless long screenshot experience. You won’t need to worry about manually piecing together your screenshots – Picroll does it all for you!

– Tailor-Made Layouts

We understand that every screenshot is unique, which is why we offer tailor-made layouts to ensure your long screenshots look perfect every time. With multiple layout options to choose from, you’ll be able to create long screenshots that meet your exact specifications.

– Picture Splitter

With our picture splitter, you can easily divide a single image into multiple pictures. This feature is perfect for sharing screenshots on social media or with your friends.

– Mosaic Tool

Protect your privacy and blur out sensitive information with our mosaic tool. You can easily add a mosaic effect to any part of your screenshot to hide personal information or create an artistic effect.

– Phone Frame Overlay

Add a touch of style to your screenshots with our phone frame overlay. Our app comes with a range of phone frames to choose from, giving your screenshots a realistic look.

– Intelligent Screen Clearing

Our intelligent screen clearing feature automatically removes status bars and scrollbars from your screenshots. This ensures your long screenshots look professional and clean.

– Screenshot Editor

With our editing tools, you can add text, watermarks, and even draw on your screenshots using markers or brushes. Our app makes it easy to edit your screenshots to meet your needs.

– Scrollable Screenshots

With our scrollable screenshots feature, you can capture entire web pages or social media feeds with ease. Picroll can take long screenshots of scrollable pages such as Instagram and Snapchat, allowing you to capture every detail.

Picroll is the ultimate tool for anyone who needs to capture and edit long screenshots. Whether you’re a creator, social media influencer, or just someone who loves taking screenshots, our app has everything you need to create stunning long screenshots in seconds. Download Picroll today and elevate your long screenshot game!




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We are committed to regularly updating our app to address potential issues and continuously enhance your overall user experience.

In this update:

– Enjoy seamless watermarking with ease! Our app now remembers your previous settings, saving you time on adjusting content, size, or transparency for each use.

– Introducing a new export feature that allows you to effortlessly remove the original photo after processing.

– Explore our improved Adjust module with descriptive text, ensuring quick access to your desired tools and functions.

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