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Plus is a lightweight tweak that enhances and improves your experience using the Instagram app. Packed with a bunch of features, you can customize a bunch of stuff that will improve your experience while using the app.


What is Instagram Plus?

Instagram Plus is a mod for the Instagram app that adds a bunch of new features to the social media platform, such as the ability to save videos, images, and stories to your device, view stories anonymously, and much more.

The Plus for Instagram tweak is integrated into the Instagram app which means that once you install it, it is as if you are using the original Instagram app except that you have access to extra features.


Instagram Plus Features


See Unsent Direct Message 

Let’s say that your friends or your loved ones send you an interesting text message, but somehow before you even got a chance to see it, they have unsent that picture, leaving you wondering “What was that message?”. But no problem! Plus for Instagram got you covered, by simply enabling this function, you will be able to see any unsent message, pictures, or even videos from any users without any problem. To refresh or remove the unsent message, simply refresh your Direct Message.


Comment Translation

Sometimes, when there is an interesting post, you wanna know what other people think about that post, but sadly it’s not written in the language that you would understand. Well, say no more to that kind of limitation! With this tweak, you can also translate any user’s comment natively, without any limitations!


Focus Mode

Tired of all the distracting media from Instagram that makes you waste your time scrolling on Instagram? Say no more! With Focus Mode, you can remove all of the media from Instagram while only keeping crucial function such as Direct Message (DM) and Story to work


Clean Experience 

Sometimes the Instagram ads can be so annoying, too much, and disrupting, well now you can disable any story or feed ads with one simple switch!


Media Downloader 

Let’s say that your friends tag you in a post but you want to download the picture to your device, with Plus for Instagram, that can be done with only 1 button press! Whether you want to download direct message replays, igtv video, reels video or any kind of media that available on Instagram you can download it so easily!


Watch Story or Live without them knowing!

With this feature, you can see any Instagram user Story or even Live without them knowing. Combine this with other stealth features from Plus for Instagram, then you will be really invisible on Instagram!


Story Video Editor 

Tired of having to switch between apps to get the perfect video moment of your story? Say no more! With Plus for Instagram, you can easily trim any videos directly from Instagram without having to switch between apps!


Copy Comment Text 

You can easily copy comment text on Instagram with Plus for Instagram! No more manually copying the comment, or find a website to copy Instagram comment. You will also be able to automatically copy Instagram comment that contains a link, the tweak will detect for any links and copy that to your clipboard easily.


Various Confirmation

Many people get pissed when they accidentally press the like or follow button on posts, profiles, etc. This feature can help you to avoid those mistakes! Say no more to accidental press, or any kind of mistake for those buttons!


Low Data Mode

So, you are currently in low data mode? No problem! Easily hide those explore, post, or activity buttons with just a button switch. Your friends, or family, or even your loved ones now can’t randomly visit those sections without your permission.


Show Total Likes & Views

Instagram somehow removed your ability to see total likes and views by default, which some people or preferably entrepreneur, business owner, and those people that are looking for engagement rate is now having a hard time determining if an Instagram account is worth investing. This feature will unlock that for you, god damn easily!


Add Unlimited Accounts

So are you an influencer or online marketer that manages a lot of Instagram accounts? No problem, With a simple button switch, you can add as many Instagram accounts as you want!


Full-Resolution Profile Picture

It’s actually quite hard to see a user’s Instagram profile picture, just long-press on the profile image, then the tweak will show you the full-resolution version of the user’s profile picture.


Disable Quick Reactions

Humans make mistakes, and we often accidentally press on the quick reactions emoji button which can be embarrassing in some cases. With this feature, you can disable quick reactions on Story, Live, or even the comment section!


Unlimited Media Replay (Direct Message)

So let’s say some of your friends send you some interesting replay, but sadly you can only see once or max. twice! Well, that was bad right, but no problem, the tweak can make you able to see those replays an unlimited amount of times!


Disable Typing… Status (Direct Message)

Some people prefer to stay not to be seen, including when writing a dm message. This function will disable that typing status message for you so anyone that you chat with, didn’t know you were writing a message.


Disable Message Marked as Seen (Direct Message)

You can easily read any incoming message without them knowing that you’ve read their message! Pack this with other features, ooh damn you are the real king of Instagram.


There are still loads of other useful features, such as:

Haptic Vibration Feedback, Enable Instagram Music (for unsupported countries), Add Story PiP, Hide Live Comments, Market Mode, Hide Suggested Post, Story Sticker Tap Confirmation, Authentication Mode, and much more!


Frequently Asked Question 

Q: Does this tweak save any of my Instagram login information such as username, etc?

A: No, the tweak never and will never save any of your personal Instagram data.

Q: How to open the menu?

A: To open Plus’s menu, just tap on the Instagram logo once on Main Feed




250.0 (T2.50)

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