Instagram Rocket


Rocket is a tweak that brings the most demanding features to the Instagram app to enhance the overall user experience when using the app.

What is Instagram Rocket?

Instagram Rocket is a mod for the Instagram app that adds a bunch of new features to the social media platform, such as the ability to save videos, images, and stories to your device, view stories anonymously, and much more.

The Rocket for Instagram tweak is integrated into the Instagram app which means that once you install it, it is as if you are using the original Instagram app except that you have access to extra features.

Instagram Rocket Features

Here are all the features offered by Instagram Rocket:

  • Download photos, videos, and stories to your Camera Roll.
  • Repost photos and videos.
  • Hold down on a photo or video to view it in high resolution.
  • Copy captions.
  • Tap and hold on to a profile picture to view it in full size.
  • View stories anonymously and manually mark them as seen.
  • When viewing a profile, you can see if the user is following you.
  • View the exact followers and following number instead of the short-form, such as 124,345 instead of 124k.
  • Disable screenshot detection in Direct Messages.
  • Turn off Read Receipts in Direct Messages.
  • Spoof verified badge, followers count, following count, and uploads count locally.
  • Mute video stories.


Instagram Rocket cracked using CrackTool4 by JulioVerne and IGSideloadFix by opa334.


The Cracked version is for those who have not purchased Rocket, the Non-Cracked version is for those who have purchased Rocket.

After downloading and installing the Cracked version successfully, open the Instagram application -> click on the humanoid icon in the lower right corner -> click on the 3 dashes in the upper right corner -> Rocket Settings -> Upgrade Now! -> Now will download 1 configuration file, install and open Manage License -> Restore Purchases.



327.1 (T3.8.24)

Last updated



259.0 (T3.8.0)
– Fixed compatibility with Instagram v251.0.
– Improved visibility for story action buttons.

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