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Lensa AI Unlimited – Lensa AI++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Lensa AI++ iPA unlock unlimited access of Lensa AI: photo editor, video app.


Everything that makes Lensa iOS app great, but with intuitive macOS design and capabilities.

Lensa is a brand new way of making your selfies look better, than you could have ever imagined. Forget about conventional filters and photo editing tools. We bring you the simplest, yet the most practical mobile app to date for perfecting your selfies on the go. So, if there’s anything you think should be corrected in your selfie, you now have this amazing, simple app to help you.


• Get rid of bumps, lines or other annoying features on your face;

• Make your skin look smooth and perfect;

• Highlight your face to make it the center of the shot;

• Blur out the background.


• Get rid of the eye bags with a single slide;

• Emphasize on your eyes by adding contrast to them;

• Thicken your eyebrows by moving the slider to the necessary point.


• Slide through the background blur and depth;

• Make it perfectly matching to your portrait;

• Add dynamics to your selfie by setting the background in motion with just one slider move;

• Add a Petzval lens effect to make sure you are the star of your own shot.


• Use Auto Adjust to let the app do everything for you, if you don’t have time;

• Increase or decrease selected element’s exposure to adjust its role in the picture;

• Make your shot festive, personal, sad, or add any other feel to it by adjusting color intensity;

• Tinker with saturation to emphasize on what you need;

• Distinguish the shot by changing its sharpness;

• Make your selfie dreamy by adding a fade effect;

• Change the image’s temperature to highlight its mood;

• Add tints to make it look the way you want.




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