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Picture Mushroom Premium – Picture Mushroom++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Picture Mushroom++ iPA unlock premium features of Picture Mushroom: Fungi finder app.


Are you looking for a quick and accurate mushroom identifier? The Picture Mushroom app is right for you!

Simply take or upload a picture of a mushroom, and the Picture Mushroom app will tell you what it is in seconds. The app will offer you several similar species to choose from, and you can find the most exact one by comparing the images. In the scanning result, you can learn lots of useful info including mushroom names, habitats, ways of identifying, and so on. This app will also warn you of some toxic mushrooms so that you can stay away from them to keep safe.

Moreover, the app has many articles about mushrooms, like ways of identifying mushrooms,mushroom-related stories, and more. With the Picture Mushroom app, you can learn the most trending topics in the field.

Additionally, the app allows you to track your foraging sites for your next picking reference. It will recommend some seasonal mushrooms according to your location, and show the distribution map so that you can know what kind of mushrooms to pick and where to find them. You can also manage and share your identified mushroom with the in-app collection.

Whether you like to collect, study, or teach mushrooms, or just want to learn more about the world of mushrooms, Picture Mushroom is the right tool for beginners and advanced mushroom users.


Key Features:

– Fast and accurate ID of numerous species of mushrooms, fungi, and the like

– Full mushroom encyclopedia including all the info you need to know about mushrooms like name, habitat, identification method, toxicity, and more

– High-quality articles for you to know the trending topics in the field of mushroom

– Finely designed and user-friendly interface which allows you to easily identify, learn and share mushrooms

– Keep track of your foraging site for your next picking reference

– Recommend seasonal mushrooms of your place and show a mushroom distribution map

– Easily keep track of the mushrooms you’ve identified in your collection, and share your findings with your friends




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1. Explore our new “”Books”” section for all things mushroom-related. More updates coming soon!
2. Try our new Expert Consultation feature – your mushroom queries, answered within the app.
3. Enjoy fresh and fun mushroom content.
4. Enhanced user experience. We’ve made some improvements under the hood for smoother navigation and efficient usage.

Happy mushroom hunting! We love hearing from you, keep the feedback coming!

Improved identification accuracy. Also added more interesting content for mushrooms that are growing in the season.

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