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Offtop Pro – Offtop++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Offtop++ iPA unlock pro features (except credits) of Offtop: Music Recording Studio app.


Offtop is a vocal recording studio & notepad with Auto-Tune and vocal effects.

Capture all your music ideas with Offtop, the go-to recording app for millions of musicians worldwide. Whether you’re a songwriter, rapper, or music enthusiast, our powerful features make it easy to start and finish a song on the go.

Pro-Quality Music Recording Studio with Auto-Tune & Voice Effects

Experience studio-grade recording with Auto-Tune and voice effects powered by Antares. We offer over 15 different vocal filters to find the right mix for your vocals.

Multi-Stem Audio Editor & Song Maker

Record multiple stems of audio with zero latency or delay. Our built in audio editor allows you to perfect the sound of your recording before exporting or sharing with your collaborators.

Lyric Notepad with Unlimited Storage

Refine your songwriting skills using our lyric notepad. Every lyric is saved automatically, allowing easy editing and revising just like the notes app.

Extensive Free Beat Library

Discover beats from our vast collection of hip hop, rap, boom bap, trap, R&B, electronic, and experimental instrumentals. Our beat library is updated daily from the top producers in every genre. Plus, you get notifications when your favorite producers drop new tracks.

Import Your Own Instrumentals

Effortlessly import your own MP3s or WAVs to write, record, and rap over in the studio.

Share & Export Your Rap or Song Effortlessly

Once you’ve perfected your track, you can easily export it as a file or share it directly to your followers, social media, or Soundcloud. We even provide a library of visuals to use as videos on Instagram and Tik-Tok.

Collaborate and Build a Following of Fans

You can connect with over 100,000 talented artists on Offtop to collaborate, receive valuable feedback, and create a following.




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