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YouTube Music is one of the most popular music platforms offering access to official albums, singles, videos, remixes, and live performances, for all popular artists. With YTMusicUltimate you can enable some premium features of the app for free.


What is YTMusicUltimate?


YTMusicUltimate is a free tweak that enables premium features such as background playback and removing ads in the stock YouTube Music installed from the App Store. The tweak was created in mind for jailbroken devices, but you can also sideload the IPA.


Once the YTMusicUltimate tweak is installed, it integrates into the YouTube Music app and adds a dedicated preference pane to the Account section. From here, you can enable YouTube Music premium features for free, activate the OLED Dark theme, and OLDE Dark Keyboard.


YTMusicUltimate tweak is really simple to use and all options are enabled when the tweak is installed. You can’t specify which premium features should be enabled because everything is hidden behind one toggle. Optionally, you can activate the dark them for the app.


GinsuDev, the developer behind the tweak, prepared also YTMusicUltimate IPA file with the YouTube Music app and the injected tweak. With this package, you can install the tweaked version on all supported iOS devices. No jailbreak is required.



6.39 (T2.0.1)

Last updated



6.39 (T2.0.1)
– Added YTMUltimate button under player to download Audio/Artwork image (Thanks to @BandarHL)
– Added option to hide Downloads tab (Tab options)
– Added options to manage downloading features (Player options)
– Added clear cache feature (YTMUltimate settings)

6.25 (T1.5.2)
– Seek buttons option replaces Skip buttons instead of Like/Dislike

– Added long-tap gestures to the seek buttons to skip tracks by long-pressing

– Fixed volume bar display

6.02 (T1.3.9)
• Added option to unstick headers
• Added option to remove tab bar labels
• Added option to select startup tab
• YouTubeMusic updated to v6.02.1

5.55.1 (T1.3.5)
• Improved preferences, fixed some option issues
• Added Lithuanian support – Thanks to @harkis123
• Updated Traditional Chinese – Thanks to CydaiDEV#4450 (Discord)

5.55.1 (T1.3.4)
• Refreshed tweaks preferences
• Added more options to enable/disable
• Updated to YTMusic 5.55.1

5.32.2 (T1.2.7)
Updated patches to support the latest YT Music version.
Removed old patches.
Bug fixes.

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