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Pixelmator is a powerful, full-featured, layer-based image editor that lets you add shapes, images, and text to create beautiful image compositions, touch up and enhance images, sketch, and paint on iPad and iPhone alike.



Designed exclusively for iOS and iPadOS, Pixelmator takes full advantage of the latest iOS and iPadOS 16 features and technologies, giving you innovative, fast, and powerful tools.



Create Eye-Catching Designs

– Combine words, shapes, and images to create breathtaking artwork right on your iPhone and iPad

– Apply non-destructive layer styles like shadows, outlines, gradient fills, and more

– Insert, group, and blend layers of an image

– Easily add, combine, and customize shapes

– Blend layers, shapes, and text using any of the blending modes

– Use precise selection tools to edit areas of an image

– Automatically select subjects in images with the machine learning-powered Select Subject

– Crop, arrange, and rotate objects and layers with pixel-perfect precision

– Easily remove the background of images or cut and paste objects from one image to another



Add Shapes and Text

– Create flyers, logos, and other compositions using vector shapes and their styling options

– Customize Smart Shapes with easy-to-use controls

– Add text and make it look gorgeous with 24 pre-designed text styles

– Change the font, size, alignment, line spacing, use custom fonts, and more



Paint and Sketch

– Paint stunning images right on your iPhone and iPad

– Choose from over artist-designed brushes and numerous painting techniques

– Paint with near-natural wetness effect of watercolor and crayon brushes

– Create stunning pixel art images with the custom-designed Pixel brush

– Paint with incredible detail thanks to the double texture brush technology

– Vary the speed of your stroke to change the thickness of some of the brushes

– Easily select and fine-tune colors with a full-featured color picker

– Instantly choose colors right from your image with the Eyedropper

– Paint more naturally than ever with the Apple Pencil, featuring palm rejection, pressure, tilt, and acceleration sensitivity



Edit and Enhance Photos

– Get started with dozens of beautifully designed templates

– Instantly improve your photos with single-tap color presets

– Take full control over the tonal range of your image with levels and curves

– Easily remove color casts and set the right white balance

– Wipe away image imperfections, skin blemishes, and unwanted objects with the Repair tool

– Duplicate areas of your image with the easy-to-use Clone tool

– Pinch, bump, twirl, or warp areas of an image with powerful, Metal-based Distort tools

– Blur, sharpen, lighten, or darken areas of an image

– Choose from dozens of breathtaking effects to subtly improve or completely change the look of an image

– Open and edit images of up to 256 megapixels



Export and Share Images

– Optimize images for the web using quality, color depth, and size settings

– Export images to Files, iCloud, or open in other apps using a file format of your choice

– Using the integrated share extension, easily share your artwork with friends and family using Mail, AirDrop, or post it to social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook




– Open and save images using HEIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats

– Work with multilayered Pixelmator Pro and Adobe Photoshop documents

– Save your edited images directly to Photos

– Create, edit, and keep all your images up to date on all your devices thanks to iCloud support

– External keyboard support with over 70 keyboard shortcuts



Built for iPhone and iPad

– Pixelmator is meticulously thought through and created from the ground up for iPhone and iPad devices

– Designed to take full advantage of powerful iOS and iPadOS features and technologies — iCloud Drive, Photos extension, Split View, and more

– Thanks to Apple silicon, Metal, Core Image, and Core Animation, Pixelmator delivers state-of-the-art performance and real-time responsiveness




Last updated



Pixelmator 3.1.5 brings significant improvements to document opening and saving, and adds a few other fixes.

• The file browser framework has been completely redesigned to improve the image opening and saving experience.

• The device screen would sometimes go black when switching back to Pixelmator from other apps. Fixed.

• Documents would sometimes close unexpectedly when changing the text size using keyboard shortcuts. Fixed.

• Pixelmator would sometimes quit unexpectedly when opening the color picker. Fixed.

Pixelmator 3.1 adds full support for iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, introduces a redesigned color picker, improves the speed of the Select Subject feature, and adds a few smaller fixes.

• Pixelmator is now fully compatible with the new iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.

• The color picker in Pixelmator has been redesigned with a fresh new look and now offers an easy way to access the native color picker on iPhone and iPad.

• With the native color picker support, you can now easily enter or copy color codes, pick colors from anywhere on your device, and use your saved color swatches across different apps.

• Select subjects in your images even faster with improved Select Subject performance.

• It is now possible to open very large documents that exceed the document size limit in Pixelmator. Note that Pixelmator may behave unexpectedly if you choose to do that.

• Text layers would appear gray when reducing their opacity to near 0%. Fixed.

• When changing the opacity or size of the Retouch, Brush, or Distort tools, Pixelmator would sometimes display incorrect values. Fixed.

• Sometimes it would not be possible to change the text size using keyboard shortcuts. Fixed.

Fixes in Version 3.1.1

• Pixelmator would sometimes use an excessive amount of memory when using the Selection and Effect tools, or when cutting and pasting layers. Fixed.

• Pixelmator would sometimes quit unexpectedly when reopening existing documents. Fixed.

• Importing documents from the Files app or third-party cloud storage apps would sometimes make Pixelmator quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

• Pixelmator would sometimes quit unexpectedly when pasting onto the canvas. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.8 brings full compatibility with iOS and iPadOS 16, makes the most of the incredible Apple Pencil hover experience on the new iPad Pro, includes the machine learning-powered Select Subject feature, and more.

• Enjoy full support for the powerful new iOS and iPadOS 16, and the new iPad Pro.

• Thanks to iPadOS 16 and virtual memory swap on newer iPad models, you can open and edit documents larger than ever before.

• Speed up editing workflows with the magical Apple Pencil hover on the new iPad Pro.

• Automatically select a subject in an image with the new Select Subject feature.

• Take advantage of the on-canvas, live selection previews to make quick and precise selections using the Quick Selection tool.

• When cloning, hover your Apple Pencil over the target area to see a live preview of the area you’ll be cloning from.

• Find handy options for saving and sharing documents by tapping the document name in the toolbar.

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