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Plant Parent Premium – Plant Parent++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Plant Parent++ iPA unlock premium features of Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide app.


Want to become a better plant parent for your green babies?

Meet Plant Parent – the app that offers solid plant care guides. With Plant Parent, you can become an instant green thumb and keep your plants not just happy, but thriving!

What you’ll love about Plant Parent:

– Smart Care Reminders

Not sure when to water your indoor and outdoor plants or how to fertilize them properly? Just add your plants to Plant Parent and get notified when it’s time to water, fertilize, prune, propagate, repot, and more!

– Light Meter

With the in-app Light Meter tool, you can calculate the light level your plant is getting and help you make potential repositioning decisions. Just click the Light Meter button and put your phone near the plant. The app will automatically scan the environment and measure the amount of light.

– Plant identifier

Have had a plant for a while but not sure what it is? See a plant you like but the plant’s name card is gone? No worries, just take a picture of it and Plant Parent will identify it for you right away!

– Care Plans

Don’t know what to do with your newly bought snake plant, or how to improve the overall health of your air plant? Get custom care plans from Plant Parent on watering, fertilization, lighting, and pruning. Make your plant grow healthily!

– Plant Illness 101

Are your plants not looking good? Plant Parent can help you save them! Simply take a photo of the sick plant and the app will auto-diagnose the disease and set up an effective treatment plan for your plants. Never kill a plant again!

– Growing Site Recommendation

Where should I put a houseplant in my home? How much sunlight does it need? Yeah, it can be tricky sometimes. Plant Parent can sort these problems out and be your plant manager!

With the Plant Parent Premium, you can enjoy more privileges including:

– Unlimited plant disease IDs

– Enjoy unlimited access to rich plant content

– One-on-one free consultation with gardening experts

– Set care reminders for unlimited plant number

Download the Plant Parent app today, and join millions of endeavored plant parents worldwide to create a better journey for your plant pets.




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