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ProCCD VIP – ProCCD++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

ProCCD++ iPA unlock VIP features of ProCCD – Retro Digital Camera app.


ProCCD is an analog retro digital camera application. We have carefully reproduced the classic appearance of CCD digital cameras and the unique interface of pixel style, with CCD camera-inspired retro filter effects, striving to restore the most authentic shooting experience, taking you back to the millennium.

#Chic cam & 90s vibe aesthetic editing app

Z30: Rich colors make it faithfully render tones and restore details, suitable for a variety of scenes.

DCR: A tribute to the classic retro DV recorder, low resolution, grayish tone, especially suitable for recording daily fragments.

IXUS95: We simulated sunset mode’s warm yellow tones and distinctive grainy texture. The color is slightly greenish when the light is dark, with a vintage film feel, making it the first choice for street photography and portraits.

U300: The cool, transparent blue-green tones give the photos a melancholy film atmosphere, suitable for daily recording and landscape photography, with excellent color performance for scenes such as seawater and sky.

New cameras for foodies will be released. Let this 80s & 2000s Y2K aesthetic fashion style take you back to 1988.

#Professional features that unleash creativity

– Shoot photos and record videos with oldroll filters. HD quality is available.

– Import & edit images and videos with various professional camera parameters such as motion blur, exposure compensation, color saturation, dark angle, shutter speed, grain, glow, white balance, etc. Fully adjustable.

– Trendy effects: snowflakes, Kira, light leaks, rainbow, filters, dv frame, and other effects for you to choose from.

– Import images and add vintage film camera filters to present a vintage feel with one click.

– Classic timestamp to present the sense of age. Various styles are available. You can also customize the date as you like.

– Turn on the flash to record your perfect moment.

– Support timed shooting and flip lens.

– The viewfinder frame previews the effect in real-time, what you see is what you get.

– Collage layouts and templates for any mood & aesthetic. Perfect for Instagram stories.

More advanced features and new cameras will be released soon, so stay tuned!




Last updated



1. Added [Live] Mode: supports shooting & importing Live Photos. Capture exciting moments, making recordings more vibrant!

2. Bugs fixed.

1. New instant camera [INST E]: fresh and bright, can switch between black and white photo paper, instantly record daily moments!
2. The [Graffiti] and [Space] effects have been optimized.
3. Click on the setting – Feedback, and you can submit your suggestions and questions to us via email.

1. New Camera [2000S]: Coarse noise, distortion, and low resolution, faithfully recreates the vintage photography experience of old mobile phones.

2. Fixed issue preventing rear flash from turning on for some iPad devices.

1. Addition of four novel picture frames to add a spooky touch to Halloween!

2. Now you can swiftly launch ProCCD and select your preferred camera through the desktop widget.

3. Suitable for 5× telephoto lens of iPhone15 series.

4. Fixed the crash problem of some models.

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