PostBox Pocket

Nathan Choi

What is PostBox?

PostBox brings the latest jailbreak news to your fingertips. Use PostBox to access your favorite packages and repositories while unjailbroken, all without the hassle of constantly searching on the web. With in-app .deb download and extraction, you can install themes using only your phone.

How to install PostBox?

When installing on jailed devices, we recommend sideloading PostBox onto your device using AltStore or any other sideloading method.




Last updated



• Added localization support for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
• Refactored the word “Repository” to “Repo”
• Changed some wording throughout the app
• Improvements to many interface elements
• Removed dynamic type support
• Fixed issues in URL processing
• Project clean up
• Made app-wide animations snappier
• Added update banner to notify if an update is available
• Added ability to view repo loading progress when the app is refreshing
• Added ability to change displayed time mode for “Recently Updated Packages”
• Reduced “Recently Updated Packages” prefix from 50 to 20 to make interactions smoother
• New loading animation during pull-to-refresh
For You
• Added ability to convert dead links into live links in stories
• Improved card interface
• Disabled some feeds by default
• Fix minor edge case with auto hyperlinking
• Further refined the Storyboard interface
• Added ability to import photos from device
• Removed presets for further evaluation
• Added ability to highlight and copy text in depictions (Accelerated Depiction Rendering must be turned off)
• Added new texts to explain the package extraction process
• Added ability to dismiss keyboard in editing reviews
• Added repo information to package depictions
• Improved depiction header interface
• Improved Review interface
• Improved interface when installing packages
• Added back ability to remove repos from the app (I forgot to enable it in Beta 8)
• Fixed crashing on iOS 15 and below when browsing repo
• Fixed remove button being unresponsive on iOS 15 and below
• Fixed time locale not taking in account of time zone
• New toggle icons
• Added new app icons for PostBox
• Improved Settings interface
• Improved how Settings options operate throughout the app

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