RCam VIP – RCam++

桐明 陈

RCam VIP – RCam++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

RCam++ iPA unlock VIP features of RCam – Manual Camera & RAW app.


RCam is a professional video recording and photo shooting application designed for iOS devices. It provides professional tools including focus peaking, false color, Histogram and support for RAW shooting –DNG export photos. It gives you audio metering, custom resolutions, and framerates. To build eight kinds of professional model, and its manual mode has extremely fast response speed, allowing you to control the shooting parameters freely.

Camera eight modes:

1. Slow motion — Support 24fps , 30fps , 48fps , 50fps , 60fps different frame rates

2. Time-lapse —- Support 24~60 different frame rate settings, adjust the shutter interval and set the automatic shooting time

3. Video — Support 1080P, 3k, 4K video shooting, 24~60 different frame rate settings, 5 kinds of picture quality adjustment, up to 100 Mb/s encoding rate, self-timer, beauty filter

4. Photo — Support RAW, HDR, AEB ,self-timer, beauty filter , and aspect ratio (4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9 / 1:1)

5. Night mode– Supports 1s, 2s, 4s and other slow shutter speed settings

6. Motion Blur – Easily generate personalized special effects photos such as water fog effects

7. Light painting — support sensitivity adjustment

8. Light field – easy to take pictures first, focus, every detail is retained

Camera function:

• Focus peaking and expanded focus for manual focus assist

• False Color exposure assist

• Manual exposure and focus control – select individual focus and exposure, drag to adjust

• Manual control: exposure, shutter speed, focus, zoom, ISO

• Focus, exposure, and white balance (WB) lock

• Support freely settable delay photography

• Anti-shake – Active video anti-shake eliminates sloshing during shooting

• Support HEVC and H.264 video encoding

• Support JPEG、TIFF、HEIF and RAW format photos

• Support RAW、HDR、AEB

• Support setting aspect ratio of photo: 1:1 / 4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9

• Support multiple resolution settings for video: 720P, 1080P, 1440P, 3k, 4k

• Support Video frame rate : 24fps , 25fps , 30fps , 48fps , 50fps , 60fps

• Mobile space and mobile phone battery display

• Slow motion video mode, 6 playback speeds (60 fps / 50 fps / 48fps / 30fps / 25fps / 24fps)

• 6x digital zoom

• Volume meter

• Location

• Snap to the grid

• Flash settings (Auto / On / Off)

Video sharing:

• Support for exporting videos to photo albums




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