RedditFilter – Reddit++


RedditFilter – Reddit++ iPA using RedditFilter by level3tjg.

RedditFilter is a tweak that brings the most demanding features to the Reddit app to enhance the overall user experience when using the app.


What is RedditFilter?

RedditFilter jailbreak tweak adds new options to the Feed filter preference pane in the Reddit app, as shown above. Things that can be filtered from the feed include the following:

  • Promoted posts
  • Recommended posts
  • Livestreams
  • NSFW posts
  • Awards
  • Scores
  • AutoMod


When you disable one of the above items, it will be hidden from your Reddit app’s feed so that you can pay more of your attention to the things you actually follow as opposed to what Reddit wants you to see. Users are simply going to love this.




2023.13.0 (T1.1.1)

Last updated



– Fix settings toggle detail text on older supported versions of Reddit
– Fix feed filter settings showing up under the Reddit premium section
– Add “Scores” toggle to hide vote counts

– Add Awards filter to hide awards on post and comments.
– Add AutoMod filter to auto collapse AutoMod comments.

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