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MIX VIP – MIX Full in-app – MIX++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

MIX++ iPA unlock vip features of MIX – Photo Editor & Filters app.


MIX is an easy-to-use, professional photo editing tool for photography lovers. Featuring powerful editing tools, cinema-grade color toning, and creative functions such as the one-touch Magic Sky edit and poster templates, it’s time to express yourself through your photos with MIX.


【Custom Cropping】

Supports image crop, flip, rotate, and more. You can also adjust the incline, stretch, etc. MIX is here to help you find the best size and perspective for your photos.


【Powerful and Professional Photo Editing Tools 】

From lighting adjustment to professional color adjustment, we have nearly 20 powerful tools, including HSL, curves, and split tone. Easily achieve desired results without compromising image quality.


【Expertly Crafted Color Presets】

Dozens of professional film effect presets—achieve realistic vintage + black and white film color effects. Plus plenty of presets specially designed for nature, portraits, street photography, gourmet food, night scenes, etc.


【One-tap Magic Sky】

Get a stunning sky with just one tap. With more than 200 Magic Sky presets—turn even the cloudiest day into a sunny one, easily recreating the scenes of your dream.


【Partial Retouch】

Supports Brush, Linear Gradient, and other partial retouch tools to help you adjust lighting with precision. Along with our Retouch and Restore tool, swiftly eliminate distractions to create the perfect image!


【Beautiful Poster Designs】

With one tap, you can apply a beautiful Poster Template to craft a tale with just your photos. Users will also gain access to a wide range of Graphic Materials, plus personalized, accurate layout functions. Creating beautiful posters is just a piece of cake.


【Customize Presets/Posters】

My Presets: Customize presets/posters according to your preferences and aesthetic. Access and use them any time.





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