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Sean Kelly

screenshotSL Full – screenshotSL++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

screenshotSL++ iPA unlock full version of screenshotSL app.

How to unlock: press Buy then press Cancel.


Creating a Mock-Up masterpiece has never been so easy! Choose an iPhone frame, choose effects including screen reflections, shadows or 3D effect. Select your background and your done!




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Thanks for enjoying screenshotSL! I really appreciate all of the kind words and positive responses. In this version…

• Added some new mock-up backgrounds.

• UI tweaks and resized the settings to make them 10% smaller.

• Improved the tab scroll function of the main settings to be more accurate and now also snaps better.

• Added a highlight effect shimmer to the background crop indicator frame.

• New App Icon.

• New export image size so you know the size of the file in megabytes..

• New app review section so you can easily give screenshotSL 5 stars!

• New Export notification .


4 new App Icons

5 new iPhone frames

2 new notch styles

Added iPhone 2 ground reflections

Added new custom white gradient iPhone 2

Scale and offset now affects all background elements

Added flip horizontal background toggle

Added custom gradient picker

Moved colour picker toggle

Added background rotate slider and stepper to background

New backgrounds

iOS15 bug fixes

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