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Smart Air Printer Pro – Smart Air Printer++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Smart Air Printer++ iPA unlock pro features of Smart Air Printer App.


Introducing our Printer app – the perfect solution for anyone who needs to print documents on the go. Our app offers a range of features that allow you to easily print your documents from various sources, making it the ultimate printing tool for iOS users.

Our app lets you print documents directly from your photo gallery, iCloud files, and even full-size web pages. You can also print contact information on A4 paper, making it easier to keep your contacts organized. What’s more, our app supports a wide range of document formats, including PDF, XSL, DOCX, and more, so you can print virtually any document you need.

All files that are printed are stored locally in our secure storage, ensuring your documents are safe and accessible at all times. You can filter your documents and see them in either grid or list mode, making it easy to find the document you need.

In addition to these features, our app also lets you create text documents with our smart text editor tools, and print them using AirPrint. We also offer a big photo editor module with rich photo editor tools, allowing you to import photos, edit them, and print them with ease.

With our Printer app, you’ll have everything you need to print your documents quickly and easily, no matter where you are. So why wait? Download our app today and start printing your documents hassle-free!




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Introducing the Latest Smart Air Printer iOS App Update:

* New Photo Editor Module *: We’re excited to introduce a fully revamped Photo Editor module with a range of powerful features:

– Compress Images: Efficiently reduce image file sizes for quicker and easier printing.

– Photo Converter: Seamlessly convert images between formats to ensure compatibility with your printing needs.

– Photo Editor: Enhance and perfect your photos with ease, making your prints look their best.

Photo Editor Features:

– Fully Customizable: Match your app’s look and feel for a seamless photo editing experience.

– From URL or Camera: Open the camera preview and pass images directly to your mobile app for editing or load them from a URL.

– Templating: Create customizable design templates by serializing edits as separate layers that can be restored on other platforms or devices.

– Configurable Presets: Maintain a consistent aesthetic with preset filters, adjustments, fonts, and crop ratios.

– Element Snapping: Achieve precise placement with our snapping tool, which allows stickers and text to snap to control points.

– Dynamic Stickers: Dynamically insert text into stickers, like the current date or temperature, from your mobile app.

– Localization: Add support for additional languages or customize button labels.

– EXIF Data: Preserve metadata when opening and exporting files by reading and writing file EXIF metadata.

– Undo and Redo: Give your users the ability to undo and redo all operations, including image manipulations.

– Output Formats: Choose the desired output file format (JPEG or PNG for web, HEIF or TIFF for mobile) and compression quality.

In addition to these exciting photo editing features, our update also includes:

– Draw Tools: Annotate and illustrate images for more detailed and informative prints.

– Text Recognition: Swiftly extract text from image files to add context or make necessary adjustments.

– Remove Background: Skillfully eliminate image backgrounds to ensure your prints focus on the subject matter.

With these enhancements, we’re making it easier than ever to edit and prepare your images for high-quality printing. Upgrade now and experience the full potential of our Smart Air Printer iOS App!

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