UniDream Pro – UniDream++

妙 李

UniDream Pro – UniDream++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

UniDream++ iPA unlock pro features of AI Art Generator – UniDream AI app.


Upload photos of yourself, create your own AI art generated avatars for free. UniDream is an AI art generator that provides text to art, AI profile avatar creator, and animated images or videos. Enter a prompt, pick an art style and watch Uni Dream turn your idea into life and generate art in seconds.

Here are the amazing features:

-AI Dream Art & AI Drawing

Simply describe your idea: “AI Art”, ”Alien Continent”, “Rainbow Unicorn” or anything else you can imagine, choose a style you want, click Create and wait a few seconds, you will be able to see your own Metaverse. Share your pictures with others or use it as wallpaper art, so that others can see your whimsy. Uni Dream uses AI model to create ai art. Our goal is to be one of the best AI Art Generator.

– AI Avatar Creator

Take your profile pics to the next level using AI avatar maker! Upload photos to generate profile avatars in various styles, scenes, and different gender. Fantasy AI Avatar can generate exclusive pics for you.

– More Art Models in One app

Uni Dream app uses the model trained on stable diffusion. You can choose what you like! You can convert yourself and your pets into anime in a flash.

– Professional Photo and Video Editor

Now Uni Dream offers many editing options. Easily animate Images and videos! You can generate fantasy art with just a few steps. Turn your selfies, photos of pets, and photos of friends into playful cartoon videos. It’s a fun and easy tool for transforming regular photos into real cartoon videos.




Last updated



-Added Text to Image XL Mode: more powerful semantic understanding capabilities and better painting quality
-Added AI Clothing, AI Background, AI Sky, and Photo Enhancer functions
-UI Optimization
-Interactive Experience Optimization

– Added AI camera: you can travel through dimensions after taking a photo
– Fix bugs
– Add task cancellation: Cancel stuck tasks for free retries

– Add template
– Christmas carnival event: abundant AI Christmas special effects
– Add video template feature

– UI optimization
– Addition of search functionality
– Incorporation of AI QR code functionality
– Integration of a wide range of AI artistic styles
-Bug Fixed

-Add variations feature
-Add detail enhancer feature
-Add AI profile feature
-Update library of prompt generator
-Integrate “image content recognition for generating prompts” feature in the text-to-image editing page
-Add comparative collage feature
-Increase the artistic style of “Realm’s Gate”
-Rectify the loophole in the restoration of in-app purchases.

– Add AI image editing feature! Paint and modify as desired, as AI effortlessly changes outfits, sculpts physique, and alters hairstyles.

– Introduced exclusive artistic styles and an enriched vocabulary of inspiration, offering a wider array of painting styles to choose from.

– Optimized intricacies.

*Important Update*

– AI Inpaint feature: Draw the area and enter prompts. Easily change clothes, reshape body, change hair and so on.

– Add new art styles.

– Add more prompt generator options suitable for drawing characters.

– UI improvement.

– Fix known issues from user feedback.

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