Varlens Pro – Varlens++

Aura Marker Studio Co.

Varlens Pro – Varlens++ iPA using dylib by iApps.

Varlens++ iPA unlock pro features of Varlens – DSLR in Phone app.


Varlens is an ultimate pro camera app. With more than 100 functions, and easy to use.

Recommended as “Fresh App”

Selected as “Today App” in Taiwan and Hong Kong AppStore

# DSLR-level photography

– 6 MODES: Auto, Portrait, Time-lapse, Light Trail, Manual, Program

– EXCLUSIVELY Portrait Photography Algorithm, Simulate optical bokeh of super large aperture and depth of field blur, comparable to the effect of telephoto lens of DSLR camera

– AI DE-SHARPEN, remove over-sharpening of iPhone camera

– 20x digital zoom, f/1.1 digital aperture, 30 seconds long exposure, 60 seconds long time-lapse interval

– Manual control ISO, Shutter, EV, White Balance, Focus, and multiple Metering modes

– Image formats: HEIC, JPEG, Live Photo, TIFF, RAW / ProRAW, and 14Pro 12MP/48MP, 12bit/10bit

– Grid, Level, Histogram, Zebra Stripe, Focus Peaking

– Magnifying Glass, Mirror Front Camera

– Bluetooth Shutter

– Support iPhone, iPad, members can synchronize between multiple devices

# Classic Filters. Analog Presets, Easy to Self-made

– Dozens of selected B&W and Retro Film, Master and Cinematic Art filters, all carefully designed and perfectly restored

– SELF-MADE filters, via Importing 3DLUT(.cube, .3dl) cinematic color grading files

– Tune filter’s style such as intensity, exposure, grain and frame

– Classic CCD and Polaroid analog presets, dozens of parameters can be fine-tuned

# Very Professional Photo Editing

– Exclusively HSL+ tool, pick up and blend color locally, better than Lightroom and VSCO

– “Shoot then focus”: Portrait mode photos can be readjusted focus and aperture

– Aperture, Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Saturation, Tint, De-noise, Grain, Vignette, Curves, Split Tone and more

– High-definition, high-quality processing of the whole process, from shooting, saving, to photo editing, NON-Destructive original image

– Artistic Photo Frame, with displaying camera manufacturer, model name and other EXIF shooting parameters

– Self-made Logo

# Cinematic Video

– 3-level stabilization, easy to shoot cinematic video

– REAL-TIME color grading filters, capture slow motion video, up to 240 fps high speed

– Pause and continue recording video, one-time production, no need for video editing

– Stereo recording, two-channel pickup display

– Video formats: Dolby Vision, HDR10, SDR

– Video recording: HEVC, H264, ProRes

# Extreme Experience

– Lots of widgets: Golden Hour, Photography Mode, Favorite Filters, Photo Editing can be accessed quickly from home screen

– Optimize GPU/CPU/NPU performance deeply for saving power

– Left-hand interface

– Big UI

– More preferences in advanced

All names of modes, parameters, format in Varlens are consistent with professional photography and cameras

It’s very suitable for snap shoot, selfie, street scene, documentary, portrait, kids/children, flower, pet, food, still life, travel, wedding photography

Photography beginners can use Varlens as an entry-level mirrorless camera

Advanced photography enthusiasts can give full play to the various functions provided by Varlens and use mobile phones to capture the extreme light and shadow effects




Last updated



– Add a new movie filter: Love Actually
– HEIC and JPEG support 12MP, 24MP, 48MP in manual and program modes
– Fix the issue of 1.0x Zoom sometimes shooting in 12MP under iOS 17 48MP
– Solve the problem that the image size shrinks when exporting TIFF and RAW images
– Solve the issue of the wrong model name being displayed in photo frame on some models.
– Solved some other known issues and improved the experience

– Adapted to iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 5x 120mm lens

– XR and above models can support 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm multi-focal length quick adjustment after upgrading to iOS 17 system

– Fix the crash when shot in RAW format

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