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uYou is a tweak that brings the most demanding features to the YouTube app to enhance the overall user experience when using the app.

What is uYouPlus?

uYouPlus is a third-party mod for the iOS YouTube app that adds many new features that are missing from the app, such as the ability to download videos, play videos using Picture-in-Picture mode, block ads, and more.

The tweak is built right into YouTube which means that once you install it, it is as if you are using the original YouTube app except with new features added to it.

The tweak can be installed in various ways. In this article, we’ll show you how to install it using AltStore, Cydia, or third-party app stores.

uYouPlus Features

  1. uYou: uYou has a ton of features that I can’t list them all. Visit here for more info!
  2. iSponsorBlock: Skips annoying sponsor ads inside videos. iSponsorBlock is based on SponsorBlock engine. Basically, this is the iOS version of the SponsorBlock extension.
  3. YouPiP: enable YouTube’s native PiP. More options are in YouTube Settings – General.
  4. YTUHD: unlock VP9 codec and in effect, enables video quality of 2K and 4K. You can enable/disable YTUHD in YouTube Settings – Video quality preferences.
  5. YTAutoFullScreen: autoplay videos at full screen.
  6. YTClassicVideoQuality: since YouTube v16.xx, you need one more step to change the video quality. YTClassicVideoQuality brings back the old video quality selector, which is a lot better than the new one.
  7. YTNoHoverCards: offer an option to enable/disable the annoying suggested videos show up at the end of the videos.
  8. YTNoCheckLocalNetwork: block the Local Network permission popup.
  9. YouRememberCaption: make YouTube remember your video caption setting (if not already).
  10. NoYTPremium: remove YouTube Premium upsells.
  11. YTSpeed: add 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, and 3x playback speed
  12. YTMiniplayerEnabler: enable Miniplayer for all YouTube videos.
  13. DontEatMyContent: prevent the notch/Dynamic Island from munching on 2:1 video content in YouTube.
  14. YTShortsProgress: always enable progress bar and scrubbing in YouTube Shorts (iPhone only).
  15. YTABConfig: allow user to control over YouTube A/B testing flags.




Last updated



– YouTube v19.08.2.
– Fixed instant crash on video due to iSponsorBlock (#1323).
– Fixed weird OLED theme in Shorts.
– Added options to hide the Remix / Clip / Download button under the video player, thanks to @PoomSmart.

– YouTube v19.02.1.
– uYou v3.0.1 (with a fix for new YouTube by @iCrazeiOS)
– All submodules updated.
– New tweaks added: YouMute, YouQuality.
– New setting page.
– New features: Slide to seek, Hide iSponsorBlock button.
– A lot of bugs fixed (seriously).

– YouTube v18.15.1.
– uYou v3.0: this is a huge update of uYou, the changelog can be found here (should fixed #238, #552, #608, #809, #870, #960, #994, #1001, and maybe more?)
– uYouPlus:
+ Removed some tweaks/patches as they have been implemented in uYou 3.0 (YTAutoFullScreen, YTShortsProgressBar, hide Shorts buttons, keychain patching, etc…)
+ Fixed blocking ads not working in some cases (#996).
+ Added YTStockVolumeHUD: replaces YouTube’s volume HUD with the stock volume HUD (Video Player Options).
+ Added an option to disable Double tap to seek (Video Player Options).

– Now you can sign-in to YouTube like normal 🎉 No need to use Shortcuts or such (see #683). Huge thanks to @PoomSmart and @level3tjg!
– Fixed missing “iPhone layout” option on iPad (#965).
– Added an option to hide uYou’s buttons in Shorts (#969).
– Added an option to enable YouTube startup animation.

– YouPiP v1.7.19: Added an option to enable/disable YouPiP, useful for those who hate background playback…
– uYouPlus:
+ Enable YouPiP and Return Youtube Dislike by default.
+ Fixed Resume to Shorts not working.
+ Added an option to enable FLEX debug (Miscellaneous > Enable FLEX).
+ Added an option to use iPhone layout (iPad only) (#920).

– uYou v2.3~1
– iSponsorBlock: Hopefully fixed iSponsorBlock’s buttons missing in the video control overlay (#771).
– DontEatMyContent v1.0.6: Fixed the tweak doesn’t work properly (#815).
– Return YouTube Dislike v1.10.2:
+ Fixed (exact) like and dislike numbers not being set for the old design of video action buttons (#799).
+ Fixed dislike number disappearing for the chip-styled video action buttons when you scroll down and up.
+ Added an option to enable or disable the tweak.
+ Updated Russian localization.
– YouPiP & YTUHD: Updated localization.
– uYouPlus:
+ Disable uYou automatically update to prevent users from accidentally updating uYou instead of uYou+ (#811).
+ Remove uYou download button in playlists because it is broken and is located in the wrong position (#798).
+ Actually fixed missing uYou buttons in Shorts (#800).
+ Added an option to hide the Right panel in fullscreen mode (Video Controls Overlay Options).
+ Added an option to hide the Upper bar (#713) (Miscellaneous).
+ Fixed compiling on Xcode 14+ (#843).

– YouTube v17.48.2.
– DontEatMyContent v1.0.5 (#680):
+ Fix engagement panel layout in full screen (check when engagement panel is presented/dismissed and activate/deactivate tweak accordingly).
+ Use different (proper) method to detect new video played.
+ Refactored.
– Return YouTube Dislike v1.9.0:
+ Return YouTube Dislike now has its own preference pane in YouTube’s setting > Return YouTube Dislike.
+ Added an option to display the exact number of likes and dislikes (for example, 12345 -> 12,345).
– YTUHD v1.3.4-2: Updated zh_tw localization
– YouPiP v1.7.15-2: Updated zh_tw localization
– iSponsorBlock: Fixed crash on iOS 15 (PoomSmart/iSponsorBlock#2)
– uYouPlus:
+ Completely hide ads in search result by @PoomSmart (#81).
+ Fixed some issues with OLED dark theme (#719, #733).

– YouTube v17.43.1.
– YouPiP v1.7.15: Added tr localization.
– YTABConfig v1.4.4: Added zh_tw, ko localizations.
– DontEatMyContent v1.0.3: Fixed the tweak not working on new versions of YouTube.
– Temporarily disable YTNoCheckLocalNetwork.

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