YouTube on CarPlay, supports all TrollStore devices.



  • A full-feature app for YouTube – browse, search, watch videos and more in the car!
  • Works on any device supporting TrollStore, no jailbreak required
  • Block ads
  • Skip sponsored segments with SponsorBlock
  • Bypass age restriction
  • Swipe back and forward anywhere to go back and forward
  • System integrations:
    • “Play on CarPlay” share extension
    • Instant paste of any copied YouTube URLs
    • If you were watching something on the YouTube app and then get in the car, it’ll pop up on CarTube




Last updated



Big Fixes + Some Features Update!

Much smoother experience
Swipe left or right anywhere on the screen to go Back or Forward
Native player, so ALL videos should work plus comments and playlists, and should be all around smoother
New “Play on CarPlay” share extension, works with YouTube app
Zoom in settings works better and scales content correctly
Added age restriction bypass
Added ad blocker (beta)
Fixed awful scrolling
Fixed Google signin page zoom
Fixed the buggy keyboard bar
Small fixes to the persistence helper, Siri no longer breaks it

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