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Dog Pal Premium – Dog Pal++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Dog Pal++ iPA unlock premium features of Dog Pal – Training & Breed ID app.


Found a cool dog and want to know which breed it is? Want to train your dogs at home and build strong pet-person relationships? Want to get expert dog-raising tips and protect your dog from common health risks?

With the Dog Pal app, you will get exactly that!

The Dog Pal app is a comprehensive tool that offers highly accurate dog breed identification, online dog training programs, and personalized dog care plans according to your dog’s unique characteristics and behaviors. You can identify any dog breed in seconds by taking a simple picture or uploading an existing image from your phone. With Dog-Pal, you will get sophisticated training programs including detailed step-by-step training guides, tips & tricks, as well as some of the most useful dog commands from our experienced experts.

Moreover, the Dog Pal app will help you track and analyze your dog’s emotions and sleeping positions to better understand its mental and physical health conditions.

Additionally, the app will also inform you about dangerous plants and insects which might harm your dog to keep your little friend safe and sound.

Sounds good to you? Then wait no more and get the Dog Pal app for your device to make your dog’s life better!


Key Features:

– Learn about any dog breed in seconds and generate a comprehensive breed analysis report

– Get custom dog training programs and unlock more training tips and tricks

– Generate a custom care plan and predict your dog’s health risks to take preventative action

– Dog encyclopedias that cover breed history, characteristics, personality types, and more

– Get care advice from dog experts

– Record your dog’s emotions and analyze their feelings

– Identify over 300 poisonous plants for dogs to keep your dog healthy and safe.

– Understand what your dog’s sleeping position means




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We have added some content to help you assess your dog’s health and behaviour and get personalised care and training advice.

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