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iDeerKids is a fully animated app for children (aged 3-8) to learn ABCs, phonics, words and simple sentences in English.

If talking your little one into learning English instead of playing Angry Birds hasn’t gone as well as you wanted, we get it. iDeerKids is here to end the struggle!

How does iDeerKids work?

In this fully animated app, every word and sentence the child sees comes with a short animation, so kids just need to do what they do best — stay curious and immerse themselves in a world of moving pictures that make the alphabet, phonics, vocabulary and phrases come to life!

For example, instead of using real photos of apples, the apple in iDeerKids smiles and plays with a skipping rope. Everything in iDeerKids has a secret talent which is waiting to be discovered by your child!

Key Features:

◉ Fully animated

Still images are boring. Kids love animation! Be it an apple, grapes, a cat, or a dog, we bring them to life to make English engaging. Kids learn the pronunciation and spelling of any word in one joyful animation.

◉ Feels like a game

Early language learners have a short attention span. But kids love games. With that in mind, we gamify every step in iDeerKids to help them stay focused and intrigued.

◉ Teach like pro

iDeerKids teaches phonics just like a real teacher! Lesson by lesson, kids will learn individual syllables, matching sounds to shapes and leveled vocabulary and daily phrases.

◉ Input and output

We expose kids to input (listening and reading) and encourage output (speaking and writing) on our user-friendly and interactive interface. This helps lay a solid foundation for fostering independent reading.

No ads and 100% kids safe – iDeerKids is ad-free and 100% kids safe.

What will your kids learn on iDeerKids?


◉ Fruit

◉ Numbers

◉ Colors

◉ Shapes

◉ Animals

◉ Toys

◉ Food

◉ Family

◉ Clothing

◉ Body

◉ Nature

◉ Position

◉ School

◉ 50 more daily topics




Last updated



This update includes other bug fixes that make language learning more enjoyable and convenient.

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