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LingoDeer Plus Premium – LingoDeer Plus++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

LingoDeer Plus++ iPA unlock paid features of LingoDeer Plus: Language Games app.


LingoDeer Plus is a gamified practice app for language learners of Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Chinese and German, developed by the same team behind the popular language course app LingoDeer.

It currently features 7 games that help you improve specific language skills, such as the use of fixed expressions or prepositions and more. So start practicing!

The main features of LingoDeer Plus:

※ Culture specific contents that are also relevant to proficiency exams (up to B1 in CEFR)

※ 7 cute deer-themed games that will keep practicing a language a pure joy

※ Professionally curated word lists with around 3000 words for each language

※ Every single word or sentence is recorded in HD with native voice actors/actresses

※ Review weak items in Quick Review mode

※ Test out levels to skip to your current level

※ Feel supported with options to turn on or off romanisation while learning Japanese, Korean, Chinese

※ The ability to download everything to your device and play offline

~~~~ Words from the LingoDeer team ~~~~

Hi deer!

To develop LingoDeer Plus, every member of our team has started learning a third (or fourth) language so that we can again put ourselves in your shoes.

With the goal to eliminate painful and tedious drills, we decided to keep every session under 90 seconds and introduce a cute mission with each exercise.

To make sure the content you will practice with is practical and level appropriate, we handpicked culture-specific vocabulary and crafted sentences that are also relevant to the exams you guys are preparing for.

Our mission is to help language learners like you progress efficiently and happily anywhere and anytime by using our original, pedagogically sound content in the most fun format possible.

Thank you for your continued support!




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