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LingoDeer++ iPA unlock premium features of LingoDeer – Learn Languages app.


#1 app for learning Asian languages and more! Over 20 million people choose to learn with LingoDeer. Why? Our structured lessons created by language teachers make learning easy and effective.

From the alphabet, LingoDeer will get you to a conversational level in 12 languages: Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, and English.

Whether you want to study abroad, travel and make friends around the world, get better grades in language classes, or increase your career opportunities, LingoDeer will help your reach you goals faster.



What will you get on LingoDeer?

※ Short, interactive lessons

Easy 5-min lessons that fit into your daily plan

※ Clear learning path

Each course is tailored to your target language

※ Customized for Asian languages

Read & write in a unique alphabet system like Korean or Japanese

※ Better understanding of the grammar

Tips & notes within lessons to help you build sentences confidently

※ Listen, imitate, and speak

Studio-recorded audio from native speakers

※ Reinforce what you learn

Flashcards, quizzes, target training, and more

※ Offline learning

Take lessons everywhere you go

Powerful features you’ll love:

• Fluent: real-life conversations! Practice reading, writing, listening, speaking, and get cultural tips as you learn.

• Travel Phrasebook: audio phrasebook! Get ready for your trip to your dream country.

• Character Drill: writing practices for Japanese kanji and Chinese characters.

• Story: mini stories with captions! Expand what you learned in lessons.

• Knowledge Cards: printable grammar flashcards! Keep essential grammar concepts at your desk.

*Fluent is only available for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and French courses at the moment.




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Learn HINDI & TURKISH on LingoDeer!

Woohoo! Our brand new Hindi and Turkish courses for English speakers are now available in beta!

Now you can:
– Learn key vocabulary;
– Master practical grammar;
– Build a solid knowledge of the respective languages & cultures.

Every word and phrase comes with HQ native speaker audio. Every unit is supplemented with succinct Grammar Tips.

In addition, we have a Turkish Travel Phrasebook that’s perfect for busy learners on the go.

Learn THAI on LingoDeer!

Great news! Brand new Thai language course is now available on LingoDeer!

Now you can:

– Learn key vocabulary;

– Master Thai grammar;

– Build a solid knowledge of Thai language & culture.

In addition, LingoDeer offers a Thai [Travel Phrasebook] for busy learners on the go. Get ready for your next trip to Thailand by learning authentic words and phrases for everyday use!

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