Neutron Music Player

Neutron Code Limited

The only true audiophile music player with Hi-Res audio rendering and DSP engine


Neutron Player is an advanced music player with an audiophile-grade platform-independent in-house developed 32/64-bit audio engine which does not rely on the OS music player API and thus delivers truly unique experience to you.


* It outputs hi-res audio directly to the internal DAC (including USB DAC) and offers a rich set of DSP effects.


* It is the only application capable of sending audio data to the network renderers (UPnP/DLNA, Chromecast) with all DSP effects applied, including the gapless playback.


* It features a unique PCM to DSD real-time oversampling mode (if supported by DAC), so you can play your favorite music in DSD resolution.


* It offers the sophisticated user interface with an advanced media library functionality that is appreciated by audiophiles and music lovers from all parts of our world!




* 32/64-bit hi-res audio processing (HD audio)

* OS and platform independent decoding and audio processing

* Hi-Res Audio support (up to 32-bit, 768 kHz)

* Bit-perfect playback

* Supports all audio formats

* Native DSD (direct or DoP), DSD

* Multi-channel native DSD (4.0 – 5.1: ISO, DFF, DSF)

* Output all to DSD

* DSD to PCM decoding


* Module music formats: MOD, IM, XM, S3M

* Voice audio format: SPEEX

* Playlists: CUE, M3U, PLS, ASX, RAM, XSPF, WPL

* Lyrics (LRC files, metadata)

* Streaming audio (plays Internet radio streams, Icecast, Shoutcast)

* Supports large media libraries

* Supports iTunes library (non DRM) and local files (inside /Documents folder)

* Network music sources:

– SMB/CIFS network device (NAS or PC, Samba shares)

– UPnP/DLNA media server

– SFTP (over SSH) server

– FTP server

– WebDAV server

* Output to Chromecast (up to 24-bit, 192 kHz, no limit for a format or DSP effects)

* Output to UPnP/DLNA Media Renderer (up to 24-bit, 768 kHz, no limit for a format or DSP effects)

* Direct output to USB DAC (via USB OTG adapter, up to 32-bit, 768 kHz)

* UPnP/DLNA Media Renderer server (gapless, DSP effects)

* Device local music library management via internal FTP server

* DSP effects:

– Parametric Equalizer (4-60 band, fully configurable: type, frequency, Q, gain)

– Graphic EQ mode (21 presets)

– Frequency Response Correction (5000+ AutoEq presets for 2500+ headphones, user defined)

– Surround Sound (Ambiophonic RACE)

– Crossfeed (better stereo sound perception in headphones)

– Compressor / Limiter (compression of dynamic range)

– Time Delay (loudspeaker time alignment)

– Dithering (minimize quantization)

– Pitch, Tempo (playback speed and pitch correction)

– Phase Inversion (channel polarity change)

* Speaker overload protecting filters: Subsonic, Ultrasonic

* Normalization by Peak, RMS (Preamp gain calculation after DSP effects)

* Tempo/BPM analysis and categorization

* Replay Gain from metadata

* Gapless playback

* Hardware and Preamp volume controls

* Crossfade

* High quality real-time optional resampling

* Real-time Spectrum, Waveform, RMS analyzers

* Balance (L/R)

* Mono mode

* Profiles (multiple configurations)

* Playback modes: Shuffle, Loop, Single Track, Sequential, Queue

* Playlist management

* Media library grouping by: album, artist, composer, genre, year, rating, folder

* Artist grouping by ‘Album Artist’ category

* Tag editing: MP3, FLAC, OGG, APE, SPEEX, WAV, WV, M4A, MP4 (internal, SD [partial support], SMB, SFTP)

* Folder mode

* Clock mode

* Timers: sleep, wake

* Interface languages: Русский, 中文 (繁体), 中文 (简体), 한국어, 日本語, Việt, ไทย, Deutsch, Italiano, Indonesian, Malay, Nederlands, Français, English, Español, ελληνικά, Português, Magyar, Polski, العربية, Türk




Last updated



* New:

– category option All Songs to switch off All Songs track list for the category entries

– Tile View option will now affect category entries and its albums separately (activate separately for Albums, Artists, Genres,…)

– added Setup options for Years category

– added [+ Queue] to Songs for easier handling of true random playback via Dynamic, Random Queue

– support for OPUS inside M4A

– added Czech translation

– tracks sorting type solely by filename, renamed previous Filename to Path, Filename which is sorting by path and filename (default)

* Differentiate floating-point and integer formats by showing -fp postfix for floating-point format in the track format info bits field

* Updated AutoEQ database to the latest

* Updated network subsystem for better compatibility with servers (network source)

! Fixed:

– Filter DSP: Q giving insufficiently steep slope for Shelf filters (HS, LS)

– CUE file could not be loaded if one of the tracks does not contain INDEX entry

– EQ preset bound to Bluetooth device via Device binding is not selected and set to Line Out with Bluetooth connection being active when started

– Recently Played existing entry not bumped to the top when played again

– Most Played entry not counted if playing from Most Played list

– OS widgets or notifications could show stale info about previous track while some streaming track is being loaded

– bad streaming entry reloading could not be canceled by attempt to play another healthy streaming entry

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