VidList Team

This is an application channel under the working title VidList, there will be news / builds and changes.


What this app can do:
– View content from phub (hereinafter. PH) and xvios (hereinafter. XV) sites without ads and other things.
– Save browsing history, if you do not want to save it, turn off in the settings.
– Choose the viewing quality.


If you want to support the project, donate button in the application settings.

If there are ideas / suggestions for the development of the project, there is feedback in the settings.


Instructions for the first version:
– go to your favorite site
– copy link
– paste into the application
– profit

From the second version:
– the application has a “top” and “search” for PH / XV resources
– also, you can copy the link to the video and paste it into the application




Last updated



After the release of the Android version, we welcome update 0.6 for iOS!

And so, immediately to the changes and innovations:
– Added categories for some sources;
– Added selection of porn models for some sources;
– Added password for the application;
– Added the ability to share videos in any application;
– Added screen hiding in the multitasking panel;
– Fixed some bugs;

Happy using!

(in this post, an updated version of 12/16/2022, 15:48)

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